NBA buzz human meme Jeremy Lin has shitty taste in music [via Christian rap and rock] | Hipster Runoff

NBA buzz human meme Jeremy Lin has shitty taste in music [via Christian rap and rock]

Jeremy Lin is one of the most buzzworthy human beings on the planet right now, saving a New York Knicks franchise that was headed straight to hell. Now, it seems like the AZN Sensation is the greatest NBA player since Michael Jordan and every one loves him and we should have been praying for a 'Great Yellow Hype' instead of a 'Great White Hype.' Since he is a Tebow-level sports Christian meme, every1 is trying to harvest relatable content about him. It also helps that he gives 'non-blacks' hope that they can play in the NBA one day if they just 'pray hard enough.'

He did some video with FUSE TV, which is easily the saddest of cable TV music networks, especially after Time Warner cable 'axed' them from their forced-on-consumers bundle. Not sure why, but they were like 'Yo bro. Tell us what kind of swag rap music or cool alt rock that u like!' Lin responded with, "Check out these terrible Christian bands." It seems as thought Jeremy Lin is a true child of got that does not have time for secular, devil music.

Here is a crappy Christian rap song by LeCrae that Jeremy Lin probably listens 2 in order to get pumped up to 'dunk on soft ass black dudes.'

Here is a song that 'mellows him out' by Hillsong. It looks like this was filmed at some crazy, upscale megachurch cult.

After listening to some of his recommendations, it is clear that he is an insane Christian, truly devoted to God. I guess that's chill if God blessed him with 'mad balling ability.'

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