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Bon Iver's PISSED OFF frontman Justin Vernon LASHES OUT at HIPSTER RUNOFF over critical coverage

Bon Iver is a tenured indie buzzband who brought the soothing sounds of a lonely man in the pure rural American vibes to the mainstream, recently earning a Grammy nomination for his contribution to the arts and mindie scene. He is at the mainstream indie mountain top, mad record sales, critical buzz, truly on top of the world. You have to remember that Bon Iver was buzz incubated in a time when there was 'no internet h8', and instead of creating backlash to generate buzz, you just had to release decent MP3s and promote your local scene. The entire indie game is changing so quickly that sometimes it is hard to keep up with the modern backlash-wave-indie-celebrity-driven-zeitgeist.

Recently, in the spirit of a true alt, Justin Vernon is on record as saying 'Eff the Grammies, man!'

It seems as though today, he is saying 'Eff you' to another very important cultural institution: The popular weblog HIPSTER RUNOFF and the blogger/mastermind behind it all named 'Carles.' After a recap post about the band's performance on SNL entitled 'Bon Iver sounds like dying indie rock on SNL, has mysterious HUGE black teenager in backing band, Vernon took to his passionate Twitter account to #slutshame Carles. Previously, Carles blogged about his fitness regimen, highlighting his dedication to health and fitness [link]. We are not sure what Justin Vernon (commonly referred to as Bon Ivbro) has taken issue with.

However, he has gone on record, calling HIPSTER RUNOFF basically 'the scum of the Earth.' Right now, the entire indie blogosphere has been muddied by TABLOID JOURNALISM, especially after the rise of Lana Del Rey. Even the most established indie sites and blogs are lost, searching for an authentic editorial voice in the face of booming SEO results and ANGRY readers. While some blogs will continue to use their weak editorial voice to write 'lukewarm praise' of any embeddable content made by a widely known indie celeb, Carles MUST be celebrated for his position as the Last Authentic Content Farmer Standing. Recently, the New York Times and the New Yorker celebrated The Passion of the Carles.

Others claim that Carles is dedicated to eternally belittling the artistic intentions of every one, attempting to cheapen real people who are 'trying to do something that helps the world.' They fear that he has evolved into the last indie gatekeeper, creating the (usually artificial) narrative that could either MAKE or BREAK a buzzband OR buzz human's entire career. The truth is, Carles might be the dead end of overvalued cultural commentators who have no authority to pass any judgment on anything, but still write words that sound important and sometimes impact 'reality.'

The truth is, Carles has given so much to the indie scene, and for buzzbands to GANG UP on him 2 cyberbully could lead to a backlash against said bands. If we take a step back from the situation, we are all just staring at the impending indie apocalypse straight in the face. Sometimes it is important to ask yourself: Are you a part of the problem, or are you a part of the solution? After everything that Carles has done for the indie scene on a day-to-day basis, some say that Vernon has crossed the line and needs to do a wider examination of the state of Buzz. On the other hand, many are calling for the head of Carles. It is only a matter of time before Indie's Last Battle results in the death of all of us.

Justin Vernon could not be reached for comment. He is rumored to be watching the film 'Gettysburg' on a sweet home entertainment system.

R u on #TeamBonIver or #TeamCarles?
Was it mean of Bon Iver to LASH OUT at Carles like this?
Has Carles 'crossed the line'?
Is Bon Iver 'just another buzz human who hates Carles'? [via growing list]
Will the NPR cool dads who vibe to Bon Iver 'boycott' reading HRO, or are they already on lame content farms anyways?
Is Bon Iver 'in pain'?
Is this just a 'generational disconnect issue'?
Is this the beginning of the end of HIPSTER RUNOFF?
Will Bon Iver lead a campaign 2 put HRO out of biz?
Does Bon Iver have 'rose colored glasses on' when he visits the blogosphere, expecting every blogpost to have the same loving tone as a local news puff piece?

Who is 'right' and who is 'wrong'?
In a way, do we all totally effing suck bc we are buzz humans trapped on the internet reading abt buzz humans?
Why can't we all just ride chillwaves 2gthr?

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