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Best Coast kicks out old drummer, replaces with uncool middle aged white man

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Best Coast played some sponsored event for Microsoft last night, and basically 'who cares'... except one member of the band Best Coast was missing. Former drummer Ali Koehler was missing. In her place was some other random dude who doesn't even look alt. Reportedly, there was also a 'fourth member' of the band who was some random studio musician bro.

Ali Koehler used to be branded as a member of the band, but now she has been left out in the buzz cold.

Koehler once made noise when she pulled off a famous buzzband switch from Vivian Girls to Best Coast. In fact, she once feuded with HIPSTER RUNOFF for his 'cyberbullying-style coverage' of Best Coast [link]. However, Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino and her work mule Bobb Bruno have been recording a new album that will be directed towards She & Him-level mainstreamers who 'totally love indie.' It seems like they have either departed with Koehler because she did not fit the image of the band, or perhaps they didn't.

Ali Koehler could not be reached for comment.

Is Bethany Cosentino a ruthless buzzband leader who will stop at nothing to go mainstream, even if it means ditching ur buzzband members?
Is the axing of Ali Koehler leave another covered-up trail of blood on Bethany's rise to mindie fame?
Was Ali 'unfairly terminated'?
Why did Ali Koehler 'get axed'?
Should buzzband auxiliary members know that their job can be terminated at any point 4 any reason?
Does this new bro seem 'totally chill'?
Does his lamestream personal brand match the Best Coast band brand?
Is Best Coast about to have a MAJOR 2k12?

Ali Koehler

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A female fuzzy buzzy drummer who left the Vivian Girls 2 get more famous in Best Coast.

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Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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