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Zooey Deschanel shows of 360 degree view of her BANGIN bod at the Emmys

Zooey Deschanel is trying to become a mainstream human megrabrand. I don't even know if she really even knows who she is, or if she likes what she does, but her alleged identity is very marketable to the emerging generation of whimsical, internet addicted tweens, so she is just trying to 'bring home the bacon' because Death Cab for Cutie will be playing Chili CookOffs in the next 5 years, meaning Ben Gibbard won't be the 'man of the house.' Putting aside their inevitable divorce, it's safe to say that ZoZo has a BANGIN BOD [via 360 degree view].

The Emmys were on Fox, so ZoZo was showcased hard so that ppl will tune into her show "Da New Girl." I'm sure it isn't funny, but Zooey is very appealing to 'lamestreamers who want to think that they are alt bc they are watching some1 with bangs.'

Sorta wish she 'stood 4 women' and didn't subject herself to this objectified, sponsored camera experience. As a bro, I am happie that she showed off her bangin bod, but I wish her dress was 'more form fitting' so I could get a better vibe on her body as opposed 2 hiding behind poofy dressness like some Middle American Chili-waver going 2 prom.

Here she is canoodling on stage with Will Arnett. I think if she never did the fake music thing, she probably would have ended up with a B-rate actor.

Are yall into Will Arnett? Isn't his gimmick just playing his Arrested Development character over & over again? I feel bad 4 him 4 being married to Amy Poehler. He has to pretend she is 'funny and innovative' every day of the year. Shoulda just married Tina Fey instead of the C-rate Tina Fey.

Does ZoZo look good, bb?
Have u seen her new show?
Is she officially 'mainstream'? Should indie blogs stop pretending that she is 'indie'?
Does her bod look BANGIN?
Will she win an Emmy?
Has Zooey Deschanel 'spread herself so thin' attempting to acquire mainstream fame that she has lost her charm?

Zooey Deschanel

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Zooey Deschanel is an actress turned indie songstress in the mediocre buzzband She & Him.

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