Chili's launches authentic music festival. | Hipster Runoff

Chili's launches authentic music festival.

Chili's is an authentic food eating space where millions of Americans vibe out every year. The have a plethora of great menu options--burgers, tenders, crispers, SXSWestern eggrolls, boneless buff wings, fajitas, quesadillas, chicken schwarma, hummus, deep dish pizza, vegan options, roasted pig, boar, and other premium items. It seems like they are finally 'spreading their wings', 'diversifying their business' and launching a music festival.

The lineup has not be announced, but industry insiders claim that the festival will be sold out a year in advance, even before the lineup is announced. The festival itself will have a livestream on Vimeo. It seems like the target audience for #Ritafest is probably 'girls-night-out-wave' females who just want to vibe out on some low-cal margaritas or MexiMex martinis.

R u going 2 Ritafest?
Do U <3 Chili's?
What do u order there?
Do u ever have a #ritafest with ur co-workers on Friday after work?
Do Ritas give u diabetes?
Do all of the authentic dubstreamers hang out at Chili's?

Who will headline #Ritafest? A dubbrostep-wave DJ, a ColdplayKanyeArcFi-wave artist, or a reunited 90s indie band of yesteryear?