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Indie author Tao Lin 'sells out', gets MASSIVE book deal with Random House

Tao Lin is a Brooklyn author whose career is centered around complaining about being broke and 'severely depressed.' He has 'stayed afloat' through the use of elaborate gimmicks such as selling shares in something called 'Richard Yates' and publishing his Gchats as a 'novella' in 'Shoplifting from American Apparel.' Many people are surprised he has not 'offed himself' or OD'd on prescription pills. He was recently in the headlines for marrying some other zany author broad, but they probably don't love eachother and are only in it for blog coverage.

The Observer reported that Tao Lin sold a '3-page outline' and ~5000 words' of his next novel to the same people publish Bret Easton Ellis. They emailed Tao Lin questions to try to get some 'juicy' details.
NYO: Did you get to go to meetings at the publishing houses?

TL: Yes, I met with 4 editors.

NYO: Who has the nicest office?

TL: Bloomsbury had the bleakest office, in my view. The other offices were all really nice.

NYO: Did Tim make the highest offer or was he the editor (and Vintage the publisher) you liked best?

TL: I liked everyone. Vintage didn’t make the highest offer. I liked them best, based on a number of factors and with Bill’s input.

NYO: Did you meet Sonny Mehta?

TL: I did not, but Tim and I talked about him. Tim spoke to him a number of times. Sonny had asked Tim which book by me he should read and Tim had said “Richard Yates,” so Sonny may have read some or all of “Richard Yates.”

NYO: Were you counseled against putting out a book proposal when everyone is on vacation (did they say “wait until September” or did you have to talk with any editors on Martha’s Vineyard)?

TL: Everyone seemed very available, but I think mostly because of Bill’s influence and enthusiasm. Bill highly exceeded my expectations at what an agent does or could do.

NYO: Do you feel now like you’ve “made it”?

TL: I honestly feel, to a large degree, like me and everyone else are close to death and that the awareness of this has, to me, precluded thoughts of “making it” (this is a theme of the novel).

Seems like Tao Lin wants to keep 'indie cred' while also 'rolling in it.' Without a financial need to think up gimmicks will he 'wither' in his room and die? According to Tao Lin's blog his 'lit agent' is Bill Clegg who the New York Times called a 'recovering crack user.' Let's get real, only little alt girls from the Midwest who are addicted to the alt internet will ever read his books. Then they will travel to Brooklyn, hang out with Tao, and "Ess His Dee." I Wouldn't mind being paid in BJs, though, personally.

Will Tao Lin die like Amy Winehouse?
Will he live long enough to finish this book?
Will he spend it all on drugs and hookers?
Is $50k 'mad bank'?
Has Random House made 'a huge mistake'?
Will Tao Lin leave his wife and be seen with B-list 'celebs' now that he's 'rich'?
Do u think Tao Lin 'sold out' for too little money?
When do u estimate Tao Lin will 'off himself'?