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Tyler the Creator claims that Toro Y Moi is NOT a chillwaver. Is he wrong?

Tyler the Creator is a horrorcore indie buzz rapper whose 15 blog posts of buzz totally died just died soon after his record came out bc he barely broke the 8.0 barrier. Anyways, he has some Formspring, which is basically a tool that u can use to cyberbully people who hate themselves and want people to ask them mean questions so they can give snarky, strong, empowering replies 'to the haters.' For some reason, outlets like the NYTimes and P4k are really into glorifying his social media presences but I have seen 14 year old tweens with more compelling misguided online presences. Some1 asked him "do you like chillwave like Toro y moi, Neon indian, Panda bear kinda stuff ?"

I would have expected him to respond with something involving words/phrases like "nigga", "fagg*t", or "suck mah dick", but instead, he claimed that Toro Y Moi is not a member of the chillwave genre. Really would have expected him to say "That is some wack ass faggot nigga shit and all of dem can ess my dee."

What do u think of his statement?
Is he standing up for Toro Y Moi??
Is it bad 2 be a chillwaver?
Does he think his horrorcore rap is more valuable to indie society than chillwave?
Does this mean that he thinks Neon Indian and Panda Bear are chillwave?
Is Tyler the Creator still relevant?
Do u feel sad abt ppl with active formsprings?
Who is still a chillwaver?
Is chillwave dead?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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