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Diplo 'talks mad shit' abt M.I.A. bc she is insane, calls her a terrorist sympathizer

Have u heard of Wesley Pentz? Me neither, but he goes by the DJ name "Diplo", which was probably a good branding strategy bc no1 would listen 2 his music if he was 'DJ Wes Pentz.' Anyways, he was interviewed by some magazine, and is still talking about M.I.A. issues from like 1-2 years ago (100 blog years ago). Basically just 'throws her under the bus' again. Even though she deserves it and he is only rlly stating the obvious, but maybe it gets 'a little bit too dark' bc they are exes so he could come across as 'bitter.'

I think he has said this b4/will say it to any1 who asks. Sorta makes me yearn 4 the days when M.I.A. could still meme with the best of them, before her career/voice took a Charlie Sheen-like nose dive.

There is no need to bring up M.I.A. to Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, the DJ-producer-ex-boyfriend who was instrumental in her success. Pentz will do it on his own. At first it’s complimentary in a conversation about Coachella. “I saw M.I.A. play there two years ago and it was probably one of the most amazing shows I ever saw,” he says. But then: “Last year she played, too, and it was kind of lame.” Ask him if they’re friends and the answer is, “No, no, no. Not anymore. No one in my camp talks to her anymore. She’s kind of really gone crazy.”

It’s been three years since “Paper Planes,” the song from M.I.A.’s second album “Kala,” hit critical mass. You couldn’t escape it after it was used in the trailer for “Pineapple Express” and “Slumdog Millionaire,” and it’s arguably the biggest hit for both M.I.A. and Pentz, who wrote and produced the track. They had a contentious breakup, personally and professionally, and Pentz still has plenty to say about her. “She got famous off ‘Paper Planes,’ ” he says. “She had already thrown in the towel when that record came out. Before that, she was like, ‘I’m retiring. I’m going to marry this guy, f--k it.’ Then ‘Paper Planes’ blew up and she was like, ‘Oh sh-t. I gotta take advantage of this. I’m actually an artist now.” Her follow-up album, which Pentz had little to do with, was not the success everyone was expecting. Then there was Lynn Hirschberg’s scathing New York Times truffle French fry story, which depicted M.I.A., whose lyrics are filled with references to Sri Lankan terrorists, as a political poseur living in a Brentwood, Calif., mansion. Pentz’s quotes validated Hirschberg’s thesis. He is still not above saying I told you so.

Do u think he is just trying to 'brand himself' as not having anything 2 do with M.I.A. any more?
Or is this just the most compelling angle to write abt Diplo, so you don't have to write the whole 'he is a world traveling DJ who has unique partnerships with brands like Blackberry'?

Pictured: Diplo sits on the ground, looking keut

Anyways, he basically says she is one of those people who always talks about politics/important issues, but is uninformed + stupid. He also says she supports terrorism.

“Maya left herself open for attacks,” he says. “She’s not an easy artist to criticize because she’s very left-leaning, she’s progressive, she’s a woman. She’s good in a lot of aspects, but when it comes to die-hard, facts-on-the-ground politics, she’s at zero. She’s nothing. I told her at the beginning of the third record, like, do not bring politics into this. Obama’s the president, for one. You just can’t glamorize terrorism, it’s not cool.…You can’t hide behind that sh-t. But she totally did. She didn’t have a plan B. I told her from the beginning, it’s not going to work. And Lynn Hirschberg just ate it up. If she didn’t, the critics would have ate her up anyway because the record wasn’t good.”

Do u think M.I.A. is sad that Osama Bin Laden is dead?
Do u think she has a 'conspiracy theory' about [everything]?
Is she 'full of air/shit'?
Should this article have 'come out' in 2k10/2k9/2k8?
Is M.I.A. 'being stupid' an 'old scoop', or are we just going to hear stories about how insane she is for the next 10 years?

Really hope she 'goes off the deep end' on her next album, like we find out about her crazy child raising philosophy + practices, her diet, and ________ [something else 'bat shit insane'].


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M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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