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Broke poet Tao Lin hits rock bottom, forced to sell personal belonging on eBay

Tao Lin is a Brooklyn author and poet, but I think his 'financial situaish' is in the shitter because he has resorted to 'selling crap on ebay.' He vlogged and showed off everything that he owns, which is basically just a bunch of random crap. Magazines. VIP badges. Notebooks. Random pieces of paper. I'm sure he has a stalker out there who will use all of this stuff as their cum rag, or something dark like that.

Have u read any of his books?
Does he 'deserve money' 4 being an author?

According to his ebay account, he has had 72 sales, so we can assume that he has 'ran out of money and sold random shit' 72 times.

This auction is for items (see video) from Tao Lin's room. Sotheby's estimated these items to currently be worth ~$300 to ~$800, with a 65% chance that these numbers will rise to ~$2500 to $6000 within 10 years, as NYU recognizes Tao Lin as an alumni and enters a bidding war with New School, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and others to acquire my papers and "effects."

Tao Lin:
Video of the things you will get:

Every item will be personalized by a signature, a drawing, a date, or something else.

Highlights include:
2 issues of Optic Nerve in pristine condition
2 issue of Eightball in pristine condition
~4 governmental forms regarding my 2 to 4 incarcerations the past ~3 years
1 outline of my book tour for RICHARD YATES including a key conveying exactly what drugs were ingested at what dates
A chart of literary connections, who has had sex with whom, and other information (as seen in BEBE ZEVA)
~100 pages of early-to-mid drafts of RICHARD YATES in size 8 font or smaller with many handwritten edits
An unreleased poem handwritten on a square piece of paper
Funny Ha-Ha by Andrew Bujalski, one of my favorite movies
The issue of The Strange I'm on the cover of
Serbian edition of EEEEE EEE EEEE
Unreleased MDMAfilms feature film titled MUSHROOMS
Rare anthology of fiction/poetry I edited featuring Tara Wray, Tony O'Neill, Matthew Rohrer, Ofelia Hunt, Ben Lerner, others
"Marble Memo" notebook from something like 2000 or 2001 or 2002 that's ~55% filled with notes about my "lost" first novel and other notes
The last known remaining fuck america" sticker

How much is this stuff worth?
Should he list a 'buy it now' price?
Has Tao Lin 'hit rock bottom'?
Do authors 'make money'?
Is Tao Lin a 'genius' or does he just pull internet gimmicks and write dumb books?
Will he starve 2 death?