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Tyler the Creator makes 'funnie' viral video that is racist against black ppl

I am not sure where Tyler the Creator's spot in the American music marketplace is. Even though the Odd Futures are getting 'tons of indie buzz', u have to wonder who his target market is for the upcoming release "Goblin." Will it achieve a 10.0, or will it sell mad albums to people who like listening to Eminem rap about burying his wife and his mom after murdering them and having sex with their dead bodies?

In this 'web short skit', Tyler plays Thurnis Haley, who is a golfer. It seems like this video is trying to provide commentary on 'the state of African American comedy' in the post-Tyler Perry / post-Steve Harvey era. There appears to be some sort of 'loathing' of African American culture within his tone, which will probably appeal to 'white people who use the n-word when talking about n-words.'

Was this skit 'funnie'?
Can Odd Future really 'make it' as a sketch comedy troupe on Adult Swim?
Do u think Tyler the Creator 'hates his own people'?
Would this explain his excessive use of 'the n-word'?
Will 'Goblin' flop?
Is all of the Odd Future buzz 'for lamestreamers' now or do alt ppl still 'like rap' this month?
Can he become 'the next Eddie Murphy / Dave Chappelle'?
Is Steve Harvey an original king of comedy?
Is Tiger Woods an authentic African American?

Tyler, The Creator

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Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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