#Project_Girl returns, spotted dancing on stage at a Girl Talk concert | Hipster Runoff

#Project_Girl returns, spotted dancing on stage at a Girl Talk concert

#Project_Girl is a girl who made a high schoolproject about HIPSTER RUNOFF one time and became one of the most controversial HIPSTER RUNOFF topics in the history of HIPSTER RUNOFF [link]. After a short hiatus, #Project_Girl has re-emerged, dancing on stage at a Girl Talk concert, having a meaningful entry-level alt experience. Do u think she looks totally keut as always?

<3 #Projjie <3

"I had the time of my life." -The Black Eyed Peas, Dirty Bit

I wonder if Gregg Gillis knew that he was standing so close to #Project_girl, or if he is just used 2 having so many QTs surrounding him at all times.

Have yall ever danced on stage at a Girl Talk concert?

Is Girl Talk 'still relevant'?
Would u 'be ashamed' of dancing on stage with Girl Talk, or is it just part of your evolution as an alt? [via alt rites of passage]
Is Girl Talk the #1 DJ of all time?
Do u miss #Project_Girl (aka Allie Teilz) or do u want her 2 go away 4evr?
Do u still feel like her project abt HRO was 'the most meaningful tribute to HRO in the history of HRO'?

Allie Teilz

Alternative Entrepreneur

Allie Teilz, also known as #ProjectGirl is a girl who once made a project abt HIPSTER RUNOFF.

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Girl Talk

Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Girl Talk is a laptop DJ who got big in the bloghouse era but really just produces generic, well-branded mix tapes.

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