New Holy Ghost! video features cool dads being alt. Do u have alt parents? | Hipster Runoff

New Holy Ghost! video features cool dads being alt. Do u have alt parents?

Tons of ppl make music videos where some director bro follows the band around their cool life in New York City/Brooklyn, and it looks meaningful, but now that has become 'cliched' bc every1 pretends 2 live in NYC and every1 in a buzzband looks the same so it is totally tired and 'the suburbs' are hot right now. Holy Ghost! (Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser) put their two cool dads in this music video for "Wait And See."

It seems like they have some pretty cool alt dads. I am not sure if I could put my biological father in a similar video... first of all because we haven't spoken in years, and secondly, I am not sure if he is 'alt' enough to act in a hit indie music video.

This video actually makes me sad, wishing I had a better relationship with my father, and there could be a way 2 communicate with him abt my alt-ness, and he would understand who I was as a person, and take an interest in my alt interests. If I had a buzzband, I would leave my father 'on the list' every night, hoping that he would show up one night.

Do u have a cool dad?
Do u have a mainstream dad?
Would ur dad be 'cool enough' 2 be in ur music video?
Do u have a fractured relaish with ur biological father?
Is this 'the music video of the year'?
Do u think one of ur parents would be able to 'carry' this type of role?

Holy Ghost!

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Alex Frankel & Nick Millhiser are the popular buzzband Holy Ghost!

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