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Canadian NBA Superstar Steve Nash meets the Arcade Fire. Is he the alt-est NBA player?

The NBA regular season came to a close last night, and the Arcade Fire was in the greater-Phoenix area to take in a Phoenix Suns game. Steve Nash is a Canadian 2-time MVP who often tries to be 'more alt'/'indie' than San Antonio Spurs player Matt Bonner. However, his team didn't qualify for the playoffs because Amare Stoudamire was secretly their best player for the past several years and he went to 'save' The New York Knicks. It seems like Win Butler, Will Butler, Regine Chassagne, and Steve Nash were all canoodling/bronoodling.

As you can see, Win Butler is wearing a 'totally retro' Hakeem Olajuwon jersey, paying a tribute to the Houston Rockets who inspired him to write 'The Suburbs'. Regine was dressed 'like an Americanized female' in some sort of Forever 21 gear. Will Butler still appears to have a Win-inferiority complex. Steve Nash was trying his best to look alt, even though his wife recently cheated on him with one of his black teammates and had an 'oreo baby.' #staystrong, Steve.

Sorta miss his blonde 1990s alt hair

The Suns went on to beat the Spurs later that night, and we can't help but think they were inspired by a VIP exclusive performance by the Arcade Fire in the locker room.

Is Steve Nash 'hella indie'?
Is he the alt-est NBA player?
Do the Arcade Fire need 2 'stop being streamers' who watch the NBA?
Do u think Regine <3s Win's interest in basketball, or is she just 'trying to be a good wife' and 'let the boys watch the game'?
Do u think u could beat Win Butler at basketball?
Did Steve Nash deserve his MVP awards, or is he overrated because he is white?
Do u think the Arcade Fire deserve 2 say that they are 'from Canada'?
Have yall ever had 'VIP courtside locker room' access at a relevant sporting event? How does it compare to 'VIP' at a relevant alt event?

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Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Regine Chassagne

Alternative Celebrity

Regine Chassagne is wife of Win Butler. Many say she should be kicked out of the Arcade Fire because she has a terrible voice.

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