Yelp now recognizes 'Hipster' as an Ambience 4 its restaurant, bar, and coffee shop listings | Hipster Runoff

Yelp now recognizes 'Hipster' as an Ambience 4 its restaurant, bar, and coffee shop listings

Yelp is some sort of micro-local data mining and reviews service that ppl use to figure out if restaurants and local businesses are worth going 2, or if you are going to go there and it will be one of the creepiest experiences of ur life. It has become a way to 'filter' relevant 'dive spots' that you would ordinarily be afraid of going in2 because they are on 'the poor, coloured side of town.' Anyways, I have never used it because I prefer the comfort and consistency of chain restaurants, but they apparently let you describe an environment/ambience as 'hipster' now.

So apparently sometime recently Yelp added the ambience category of "hipster" to its restaurant, bar, and coffee shop listings (threads date back to March 2 talking about it). You can't search using the hipster category on Yelp, which is terribly disappointing. But hopefully that will change and you'll be able to sort by hipster, either as places to avoid or places you'll want to go to.

I sorta wanna check out some 'hipster ass spots' in my relevant local scene. Do yall use Yelp? Do 'effing hipsters' use yelp, or will this ambience just be utilized by ppl who don't feel alt enough in certain hang out spots?

Is Yelp a great way 2 discover chill ass places 2 eat?
Has Yelp ever tricked u going into a shit hole that was branded as a 'dive'?
Do u only eat at dive wave 5-star restaurants?
Do u ever have a bad experience at a restaurant/business, so u just create a Yelp account for the sake of writing a damning review, then never using it again?

What type of small biz vibe do u prefer?
Which 'ambience' seems the most authentic?

  • Romantic
  • Hipster
  • Trendy
  • Intimate
  • Dive-y
  • Casual
  • Classy
  • Touristy

What ambient vibe do lamestreamers chill at?
Should I go somewhere touristy?
Should I chill somewhere 'casual'?
Do yall only eat at places that are 'hipster', 'dive-y' and 'trendy'?
Do yall use Yelp, or is it just filled with angry ppl and lamestreamers who think they are food reviewers?
Should Groupon start Yelping and living socially?