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Video Footage of Snacks the Cat being cold towards Bethany emerges

May people ask whether or not Snacks the Cat is happy to be in the custody of Bethany Cosentino and Nathan Williams... aka "Best Coast" and "WAVVES." However, this exclusive video gives as a portal into the world of Snacks, and we can finally ask... "Is Snacks happy to be with Bethers?"

Here is what a cat body language expert who lives next door to my parents in suburbia had to say:

It is clear that there is lots of tension and hostility within this cat. You can see a lot of sadness, and a few abandonment issues, but overall he is a VERY chill cat. With the right owner who gives him the right kind of love, he could be one of the most talented buzz cats in the world, but right now he seems very miserable and angsty...

You can also tell that this cat's lungs have been sabotaged by second hand smoke, whether it is cigarettes or marijuana cigarettes. Cats don't like drugs, except for cat nip. Whoever is behind the camera is clearly a HUGE enemy of this cat, who has morphed from an extrovert cat to an anti-social cat. I will be praying for this poor cat tonight. May he find happiness some how.

As yall can tell, Snacks' body language seems really depressing and hostile... We can hope and pray that he gets a new owners soon #pray4Snacks #freeSnacks

Do u hope Snacks is 'freed'?
Does Snacks seem happy or sad?
Do u have a cat? How would u analyze Snacks' body language?
Is he trying to encrypt a message within this video?
R u praying 4 Snacks?
Will Snacks be more relevant than Best Coast in -6 months?

Snacks the Cat

Alternative Celebrity

Snacks the Cat is the lovable kitty kat who belongs to Best Coast's "Bethany Cosentino." Snacks is often credited as being the creative mastermind behind Best Coast.

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Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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