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Thom Yorke admits "King of Limbs" sucked by focusing on his own dubstep career

Thom Yorke Live DJ Set @ Low End Theory LA 3.9.11 from Theo Jemison on Vimeo.

Here is some 'high definition video footage' of Thom Yorke's surprise DJ set last week, or whenever that happened. I figured that he was 'supporting' the KING OF LIMBS album, but it seems like he is moving on with his own career and trying to distance himself from what a huge flop the King of Limbs was, and he is just moving on with his own career. He is releasing some MP3s with dubstep legends Burial and Four Tet, probably because he wants to be taken more seriously as a dubstep solo buzzband.

New Burial jam, taken from the A-side of his instantly sold-out forthcoming split 12″ with Thom Yorke + Four Tet, out this week on Four Tet’s TEXT label

Here is some song called "Ego" that is probably abt Eggo waffles or something

Here is one called "Mirror." Not sure if it is as good as MJ's "Man In the Mirror."

I am not really a dubstep music critic, so I can't tell if these songs are 'epic' or 'forgettable.' I feel like all darkwave dubstep 'sounds the same', so I can't really tell. It sounds all heavy and wobbly and drummy and bassy, but I don't know how 2 describe it 4 real.

Are these songs 'hella authentic'?
Is Thommy admitting that he h8s Radiohead + is ashamed of their last album?
Is KING OF LIMBS a critical + commerical flop?
Do u think he will be more dubstep famous than Burial/James Blake?
Do u think he is pissed that James Blake is the new 'king of dubstep'?
Will Thom's dubstep career get in the way of his relationship with Radiohead?
Is Radiohead hella irrelevant?
Oh Thommy...

Thom Yorke

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