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SNL funny man Andy Samberg plays violin with Owen Pallett

I don't really know that much about Owen Pallett, except that he is sorta like a member of the Arcade Fire, except he doesn't have any equity in the band, so he is more like a hired dude who is supposed to make them sound more anthemic by adding another layer of voices 2 their live performance cuz the stage is all crowded. Anyways, never really listened to his music, but as you can see, he is wearing a keut lil newsboy hat.

Anyways, it looks like SNL funnyman Andy Samberg took some time off from producing 'hilarious' digital shorts and joined him in concert to play violin.

U gotta give props to Andy for stepping outside of his comfort zone behind the camera and getting on stage. I never knew he could play violin, so u have to assume that he will be throwing down a duet with Joanna Newsom pretty soon. Harp + Violin will be totes relevant in 2k14, yall.

Here is a photo of Andy and Owen looking over some sheet music.

Do yall <3 Owen?
Is he the keutest 'indie gay' in indie?
Do yall miss 'Final Fantasy'?
Should Owen just apply for a job in the Arcade Fire?
Is Andy Samberg hella hilarious and talented?
Do u hope Andy Samby 'goes solo' from the Lonely Island and releases a violin album?

Owen Pallett

Alternative Celebrity

Owen Pallett is a Canadian composer who plays a bunch of instruments & makes innovative violin-based music.

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