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Failed Indie Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal launches Etsy store to try 2 make money

Maggie Gyllenhall is a famous indie actress, but more importantly, she is the brother of Jake Gyllenhaal who played Donnie Darko and a homosexual who got murdered bro in Brokeback Mountains Beyond Mountains. Anyways, not sure how her career is going because she launched an Etsy store and is selling headwraps/ 'dread wraps' for $25 a pop... It seems like Etsy is some sort of gimmick marketplace where failed creative types go to scrape together money from people who are actively looking to waste money.

The name of her store is 'Intergalactic Apparel', which seems to be way more alt than 'American' Appy.

This dread wrap/headband is made mostly out of up-cycled sweater material and brown velvet. Its really soft and warm. I got a little carried away when I was making it so it is a little wider than I usually make them but then there is just more to love :)

I braided strips of up-cycled fabric to create a soft and stretchy tie that makes this Interstellar Headband completely free size and will fit just about anyone!

Have a wonderful day!
Miles of Smiles~
Glacia Rose

Do yall think she looks keut?
R u gonna buy this other product that she made called "PeaCocK PiXiE-- InteRsTeLLaR CoRseT SkiRt"?

Do yall think Maggie Gyllenhaal is 'hot' in an alt kind of way?
R u gonna support her Etsy store?
Do u think she should hit up Jake for a loan if she is running low on money?
Is Jake 'the most alt' Gyllenhaal?
Have yall ever sold anything lame on Etsy?
Do yall know any other famous ppl who sold crap on Etsy?

"u look good, bb!" -the Mainstreamer