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The Broad from Chairlift (Caroline Polachek) does a slutwave photoshoot

I am not too familiar with Caroline Polachek or Chairlift, but I know that their song was used in some iPod commercial post-Feist because it 'sounded indie' [link], and then one time she sang on a song that Washed Out wrote.

Anyways, because I believe that a series of sexy indie celeb photographs is more valuable than 95% of indie mp3s, I just wanted to post these pix of Caroline riding slutwaves around her house. She has a really solid indie body, and I think she has been known to wear 'provocative' things on stage. I think if she continues to 'look good' and 'show off her body', Chairlift can maybe become relevant in an authentic way instead of in the failed Apple buzz kind of way.

Wonder if she has potential to become 'the hottest woman in indie.' Oh kewl, do u play instruments? R u in a buzzband?

Here she is trying to 'rip off' Toro Y Moi's "Underneath the Pine" album cover by eating citrus.

Do yall think that she is 'keut'?
Should she just wear this on stage every time they play?

Is Chairlift an authentic buzzband, or are they a failed buzzband?
Do yall <3 Caroline?
Does she look 'good' and 'classy'?
Can she become more relevant than Alice Glass/Vicki LeGrand if she just shows off more skin?

Caroline Polachek

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Caroline Polachek is the female vocalist & star of electro band Chairlift.

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