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Animal Collective unveil new album art + teaser music video

Keep + AC from Keep Company on Vimeo.

Animal Collective apparently has a new album coming out in 2k11, but this isn't it. This is just some mix tape thingy that they made for the shoes that they designed [link]. Just sorta some Daft-Punk-style product branding now they have to follow thru to get this shoe company more press. Kinda annoying... I really wish this was a new Animal Collective album so that I could analyze it + determine whether or not it lived up to their previous albums' standards.

Here is some sort of 'album art' / 'mix tape cover.' Sorta some 'dark' doodles, but I guess that's just what we are supposed to expect from Animal Collective. Honestly, I am getting sorta exhausted by their humility and abstract personal brands... I really need them to OVERHAUL on their next album cycle and stop being such introverts.

Yeah I don't really get it. Not sure what the hell this thing is. If I wanted to listen to "Fickle Cycle", I would have illegally downloaded the AnCo box set and listened to it in its entirety as I tripped on salvia shrooms in the California desert.

Do u still care abt #AnCo?
Does Keep Sneakers need to stop milking this partnership bc they already sold out of their sneakers?
Did yall buy an AnCo sneakers? Do they make u better at playing basketball/being in a buzzband?
R u 'over' AnCo or do they still have 1 more good album in them?
Did AnCo 'peak'?
Did Panda Bear + Avey solo 'flop'?
Will Animal Collective be the next indie band 2 win a Grammy?

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