UNCOVERED: James Blake's hit song rips off pre-existing song. Should we hold it against him? | Hipster Runoff

UNCOVERED: James Blake's hit song rips off pre-existing song. Should we hold it against him?

James Blake has a hit song called "The Wilhelm Scream." He recently received a 9.0 from the popular music website Pitchfork Media [link], and he is widely known as 'The Prince of Dubstep.' However, it seems like there is a blemish on his 9.0 trophy after he admitted that he 'ripped off' the song from a song called "Where to Turn" by James Litherland. I wonder if James Litherland has a Google Alert setup for James Blake's name, and is waiting to drop a 'big ass lawsuit' after his first week album sales numbers come back.

As he’s hinted at over the last few weeks, the melody of ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ is borrowed from something his father produced, the James Litherland track ‘Where to Turn’. “This is the track that spurred on The Wilhelm Scream” he explained “It was a track that I grew up listening to because my dad was producing it. It was going around the house for weeks. It became a song for me as well so I think it’s time people heard the original”

Can u hear the direct similarities? Did James Blake 'straight up jack' this song?

"I would expect this kind of ripping off from a chillwaver, but not from some1 getting so much high level buzz."

Does James Blake only make sample based music?
Does he really deserve to be buzzworthy since his best 2 songs are basically 'covers'? [via Feist's "Limit to Your Love"]

Is it time to 'rethink' the James Blake buzzwagon?
Is the original song just some honky white person music?
Is it chill 2 'rip off' pre-existing songs, or should the artist be required 2 do a little bit more remixing?
Do all modern buzzbands just 'rip off' old bands that wrote poppier hits?
Is James Blake a liar and a crook?

Is this the first big buzz scandal of 2k11?
R u disappointed in James Blake?
Is there any way to 'return' a buzzband to the UK, and say that they are 'damaged goods' + get a 100% refund?
Do u feel sad 4 James Litherland?

Is "The Wilhelm Scream" the mp3 of the year, or will this uncovered bit of info 'ruin' James Blake's legacy?
Do u care when a song is 'sample based'/rips off a pre-existing song, or is it the role of a modern artist to re-adapt old, irrelevant sounds 2 be relevant?

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