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Some alt NBA player spotted canoodling with the Arcade Fire's Regine Chassagne

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Matt Bonner is an alt indie NBA player who recently did some impression of Nappy Dynamite [link]. Anyways, he has some indie music/sandwich hunting blog, and he wanted 2 brag abt how indie he is, and how he is boys with the Arcade Fire.

He did some interview with Win Butler abt basketball/the NBA. Win seemed like his usual 'standoff-ish' / 'I'm too good for this interview' self, but probably was intimidated by the NBA player so he said 'okay' instead of talking 2 some blogjournalist.

Coach "B": Who was your favorite team growing up and who was your favorite player?

Win: I grew up in Houston Texas during the 1990's, so Hakeem was my player and the Rockets were my team. Hakeem going off on David Robinson the night David was awarded the MVP might have to be the best individual performance I have ever seen.

Not chill bro. Hakeem came to America and made it his country. U left our beautiful country. Shame on u. U'd be nothing without Hakeem the Dream and the Suburbs of Houston.
hakeem the dream win butler

Win continued 2 share his totally 'wrong ass' NBA analysis.

Coach "B": Who is currently your favorite player?
Win: It is such a great time for point guards, but I would have to say Chris Paul and Rondo...there is nothing more fun to watch then a great point guard running a team the way it is meant to be run.

Weak, bro. Rondo doesn't have a jump shot and Chris Paul only has 1 leg... Shoulda gone with Derrick Rose [via Derrick Brose].

In addition, he claims he never listens 2 his own music.

Coach "B": Which Arcade Fire song is best to get pumped up before a game?

Win: Believe it or not I don't listen to my own music...I usually listen to The Clash on the way to a game.

Cmon bro... U have the #1 album of the year. Ur allowed to strip naked, put on ur album, and make love 2 whoever u want (Regine or some1 else). Ur a rock star... Own it bro. Personally, I'd listen 2 'Neighborhood #69.'

Do u think u could take down Win in basketball?
Will yall be on my team for 3-on-3 vs Win Butler, Will Butler, and the Ginger Bro?
arcade fire basketball
How do u think Win Butler feels abt the Yao Ming era of the Houston Rockets?
Do u think Win Butler is 'good at basketball' or could u take him off his game if u 'played physical'? [via Dirk Nowitzki]
Does Matt Bonner seem like a chill indie bro?
Do yall <3 "Win the Butt"-ler?
Does Matt Bonner seem 'dangerously close' 2 Regine?

Do u think Regine is chill with Win going to ball with his bros, or does she harsh the vibe and make him feel guilty 4 'being so American'?

Matt Bonner

Alternative Celebrity

Matt Bonner is an NBA player for the San Antonio Spurs. He is known 4 being a huge fan of indie music, and hangs out with alt celebs.

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Win Butler

Alternative Celebrity

Win Butler is the lead singer bro of the Arcade Fire. He is married 2 some girl in his band named Regine. He is from Houston TX but now claims 2 be from Canada.

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Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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