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Slutwave songstress Ke$ha gives some bro a lap dance on stage

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I just saw this picture from a recent Ke$ha show. She looks like she is giving some twink dude a lap dance on stage, which is pretty chill of her. I've gone to some titty bars, and Ke$ha definitely has the personal brand of a 'white trash stripper who swears she is only gonna be there until she has enough money to pay her rent/car insurance.' Props 2 her though for pulling the old 'grind ur knee into a dude's penis during a lapdance' gimmick.

It seems like she is really buying in2 the whole slutwave thing. She is kicking off a tour (probably not arenas because she isn't as famous as Lady Gaga), and seems to be pulling out all the slutwave tricks possible.

The 23-year-old comic-provocateur-musician gave the tween-filled crowd wall-to-wall electro-dance jams, costume changes, fake blood, 8-foot penises, and two tons of glitter —not to mention a generous amount of lovingly applied baby oil.

Ur telling me that during the Ke$ha live show, she lubes up her vagina with fake blood, glitter, and baby oil, then proceeds 2 ride an 8-foot penis for 3 hours?

"Now that's what I call slutwave!" -from the creators of Now that's What I Call Music

Do u want to see Ke$ha live?
Would u order a lappy from her?
If u saw Ke$ha in a tittie bar, would u approach her for a lap dance, or would it be a 'sympathy lappy' 4 an ugly stripper?
Have yall ever purchased a 'lap dance' / 'table dance'?
Will Ke$ha's career 'tank' or can she get a lot of plastic surgery and get way hotter and even more successful?