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Radiohead tries 2 kill the Arcade Fire's vibe by releasing new album this week

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After the Arcade Fire won the most important Grammy of the year, 'going mainstream' for the sake of indie, it seems like Radiohead had to 'respond' and steal the headlines away. It must be a UK thing, like they wanted to let North America know that their music is 'way better'/'more relevant' than the crap we export from here. Really an unchill indie move by them, but I guess u shouldn't expect anything more from 'the Owl City of dubstep' as many critics call them.

The members of Radiohead say they'll make their eighth full-length album, The King of Limbs, available for purchase and download this coming Saturday on the band's website. According to the site, they're calling it "the world's first newspaper album." It includes two 10-inch vinyl records, a CD, more than 600 pieces of artwork and a digital download. The physical album will ship on May 9, while the downloadable version will be available Saturday.

Oh damn. Ur not gonna In_Rainbows that shit? Guess yall are pretty greedy. Fans are definitely gonna be pissed that they are gonna have 2 purchase ur album. What's the deal with being abt Limbs? Why do yall gotta be all dark all the time, Thom? Cmon bro... Ride some positive vibes 4 once in ur life.

When Radiohead released its previous album, In Rainbows, the band allowed fans to download the record for whatever price fans felt like paying. This time, the band is again self-releasing the album, but is charging a fixed price.

If I wanted to buy a fixed price album with bundled goodies, I'd buy some crappy indie albums off bandcamp.

Feel like Radiohead are 'the biggest dicks in the world right now. U know how much this meant 2 indie. We gotta share headlines. U shoulda let the Arcade Fire have their day 2 bask in the positive vibes of the internet. Ur selfish. Shame on u, Thom Yorke... Shame on u.

Win Butler has got 2 be mad pissed at Thom Yorke right now. Not very chillwave of Thom at all.
thom yorke on the beach
R u 'excited' for this Radiohead album?
Was In_rainbows mad overrated?
Did they peak in the 1990s?
Are they gonna win 'album of the year' because they will make hybrid dubstep + alt rock music?
R u angry at Radiohead for stealing blog headlines from the Arcade Fire when we are supposed 2 be working 2gether 2 help our indie scene?
Is it gonna be mad annoying 2 read memes abt Radiohead for the next _ weeks/years/centuries?
Should we just put a bunch of reverb on some Muse songs and pretend it is Radiohead?



Radiohead is a conceptual band that ppl like to think is kewl because u can do drugs and get deep 2 their music.

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