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Natalie Portman reunites with Zach Braff in new indie super hero movie

Natalie Portman is always doing her best to prove that she is an indie actress. It seems like the took out an ad during the Super Bowl to promote her new indie film "Thor." I don't read comic books, but if I had 2 guess, this is clearly a new indie super hero movie, trying to be quirky, kinda like Scott Pilgrim Vs the World starring Michael Cera. It seems like she reunited with former Garden State cast-mate Zach Braff to really make sure that this movie is 'hella indie.'

Zach Braff's career has clearly 'gone down the shitter', so he has to be thankful to have been cast as THOR in this new movie. R u rooting for Zacky? Did he get plastic surgery?
zach braff nose

Is Natalie Portman an indie actress, or is she 'hella mainstream'?
natalie portman thor
Did she just do this Super Hero movie 2 cash in 4 her baby?
Can Zach Braff thrive as a lead actor?
Does Zach Braff look hella swole in this movie?
Remember that time Natalie Portman was like "Listen to this mp3. It's the Shins." Do u think they're gonna do that again in this movie, except with Peter Bjorn & John or something?

R u listening 2 the Shins rite now?
When Z Braff cast Nat Portman in his movie, do u think he thought they were gonna be 2gether forever irl?

zach braff alone leave garden state tweens shins

Natalie Portman

Actor, Alternative Celebrity

Natalie Portman is a mainstream actress who tries 2 maintain indie authenticity by starring in indie films.

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Zach Braff


Zach Braff is the writer and director of the hit indie film/poop sandwich known as Garden State.

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