Jonsi wins the Nordic version of the Grammys. Is he the Nordic Win Butler? | Hipster Runoff

Jonsi wins the Nordic version of the Grammys. Is he the Nordic Win Butler?


It is awards season 4 all countries/regions of the world, and every1 is giving awards 2 who they think is the best artist/band from their part of the world. Did u know that Nordic countries have their own version of the Grammys/Junos/Brits/etc? It doesn't really look like a real awards show, looks more like a high school banquet held at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. But u know, Nordic countries are kinda dying because they can't produce a relevant export for the modern world, so u gotta let them enjoy a steak dinner.

Anyways, Jonsi won the 'big award' of the night, making him 'The Arcade Fire' of Nordic countries [via Grammy Analogies]. I wonder if the Nordies should rebrand as 'The Nordies' 2 get more buzz.

there took place the very first Nordic Music Prize, intended, we hear, as the region's equivalent of the Mercury Prize. The winning record was Jonsi's Go, with the jury stating "The music of the winner could only have been made here, in the North. It sounds and almost smells like Iceland. It’s brave and life affirming pop music that grabs you by the heart in flamboyant technicolour."

Here are all of the Nordic countries. Do yall like music from Nordic ppl? Does this mean 'Scandinavian pop' is dead and 'Nordic indie' is the future?

Here is Jonsi looking all creepy and weird as he accepts the award. He says "I am bad at public speaking. I just make good music." Then he peaces out and says 'laters.'

did Jonsi make a great career move by deciding 2 'go solo' from Sigur Ros?

Should we move 2 Nordic lands and start a buzzband?
Are the Nordies more relevant than the Grammys/Brits/Junos?
Will u win a Nordic Music Prize 1 day?
Do yall think the Arcade Fire, Kanye West, and Radiohead deserve 2 win all indie awards?
Do u have a ghey Icelandic crush on Jonsi?