INTERVIEW: Best Coast and WAVVES share their opinions on HIPSTER RUNOFF | Hipster Runoff

INTERVIEW: Best Coast and WAVVES share their opinions on HIPSTER RUNOFF

Best Coast and WAVVES are both alternative celebrity fuzzy buzzy bands who are in a relationship (might not actually be in a relationship) but they are on tour 2gether just to capitalize on the meme that is their relationship. I haven't heard anything abt their shows, but feel like it would only be interesting if

Anyways, some 'journalist' did an interview with Best Coast and WAVVES and the journalist knew it would 'get blggd abt'/be 'relevant' if they asked BC + WAVV the 'most important/blogworthy' question possible, which is 'how do yall feel abt HIPSTER RUNOFFS BLOGSPOTTY?'

Here is the mandatory intro where they talk abt how much they 'love smokin weed':

L.A. Times: So is this your first joint interview?

Nathan Williams: Yeah. Well, we’ve done interviews…

Bethany Cosentino: With joints!

NW: I actually pre-jointed.

BC: Yeah, he did — puffed an inhaler, then took a hit of the bong.

Is it sweet 2 brag abt illegal drug use, or should an undercover indie cop 'throw them in the slammer'?

Here is 'the relevant' part of the interview.'

LAT: The satirical blog Hipster Runoff seems to really have it in for you—it seems to have made a cottage industry making fun of your Twitter conversations back and forth. How do you feel about that?

NW: Really, Twitter is our only way of talking when we’re on the road, 'cause we don’t have Facebook.

BC: I don’t give a ... about that guy. I did laugh when Hipster Runoff said “Pitchfork Gives Best Coast Same Score As Wavves To Avoid Relationship Conflict,” but I just don’t need to read it.

NW: I’m pro “Hipster Runoff”—I think it’s funny. In the end, it just makes both of us bigger and bigger. He can say whatever he wants: It just breeds hate, but it’s always helpful. Anybody that says they hate it probably loves it. That’s just what the Internet is.

What is ur analysis of their reaction?
Does Nathan Williams rlly think that HIPSTER RUNOFF is 'mad funnie'?
Does that mean HRO is just 'cheap stoner comedy'?
Does Bethany rlly 'not read HRO', even though Snacks the Cat is an active contributor 2 the blog?
Could Bethany recite every headline involving her name?
Does Carles 'have a chance' with Befernee Hardaway?
Does HRO really 'make them bigger' or does the blog only have a small niche following of fans?
Should every journalist ask every band 'what do yall think about HRO?'
Does Bethany still h8 Carles because Carles stole her weed? [link]

Here is some other part where the journalist asks abt their relaish when they were tweens, but doesn't ask the 'juicy questions' like 'what base' they got 2.

AT: You’re totally public as a couple. Does it bother you when people trash-talk you about your romantic life?

BC: No. We’ve known each other for a really long time so we don’t really think about what people say about us, really.

NW: The first time we dated, we were 17. She lived in Eagle Rock, down the street from where we live now. I was living in San Diego at the time.

BC: I had this friend Hayden who was like, “I’m going down to San Diego this weekend if you want to come with me,” and I was like, “All right.” We just met in San Diego at a party, and then just started hanging out all the time. It was basically a summer fling.

NW: That was a hot summer.

BC: We would take the train to see each other. My mom lived down the street, and we would always steal pills from her. We talked about Wu-Tang a lot, I remember; we went to the [FYF Fest] together. We hung out for a hot second, and then we parted ways for a couple years.

Have yall ever stole ur mom's pills?
Does BC's mom have a twitter where we can 'tell' on them? [via snitching]
Is it time 2 'retire' blogging abt WAVVCOAST?
Which indie bands do u think read the most blogs?
Should indie bands monitor their internet brand, or should they just 'focus on making beautiful art'?
Do u remember the time Bethany Cosentino called in2 the HIPSTER RUNOFF PODCAST? [link]
Who will emerge as the #1 'enemy' of HIPSTER RUNOFF in 2k11?

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