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The Bro from Twin Shadow wears a zany pilgrim hat

Just watched this video of 2k10 buzzband Twin Shadow performing the song "Shooting Holes." He's pretty buzzworthy, so guess it should be posted in this content stream, but I think the most compelling part of this video is probably the pilgrim hat that George Lewis Jr. is wearing.

Sorta wonder if the Pilgrim hat is going to be a relevant alt trend moving forward by altbros. It seems like we are really moving into a post-Neon Indian phase, so the natural aesthetic for 2k11 is definitely gonna be 'riding the pilgrim waves.' It seems like we are really trying 2 get back in touch with 'white man's indie.'

2k11 really has some sort of weird post-apocalyptic vibes, where we are sorta 'getting back 2 our roots' and saying 'eff electricity--we just wanna vibe out and feast with some Indians, then get them sick with our Euro_wave 1st world fevers + diseases, then take over America [via Neon Trails of Tears].'

Are Pilgrims the ultimate 'chill bros' who are down 2 share a bag of Doritos with u and 'get ur blazed feast on'?

Do yall have a crush on Twin Shadow keyboard player Wynne Bennett?

R u gonna buy a pilgrim hat in 2k11?
Will alt Pilgrims be a relevant trend in 2k11?
Is Twin Shadow the 'best new buzzband' of 2k10?
Will Twin Shadow write another 'hit album' or will he try to go 'high end conceptual indie rock wave' like TV on the Radio?
Can Twin Shadow overcome 'the curse of MGMT' sophomore album curse?

George Lewis Jr

Alternative Celebrity

George Lewis Jr is the name of the bro whose buzzband is TWIN SHADOW.

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Twin Shadow


Twin Shadow is the 2k10 buzzband buzz project of George Lewis Jr. His hit album FORGET is 'highly bloggable.'

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Wynne Bennett

Wynne Bennett is the keut synth player in the Twin Shadow touring band.

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