VIDEO: Ben Gibbard Responds 2 Zooey's sex pixxx by making her sing an emo duet with him | Hipster Runoff

VIDEO: Ben Gibbard Responds 2 Zooey's sex pixxx by making her sing an emo duet with him

Yesterday, NUDE XXX TITTIE + COCK SUCKING PIXXX of Zooey Deschanel emerged on the internet [link NSFW]. Not sure if they were actually her, but one thing that u all know damn well is that Ben Gibbard studied them harder than the Zapruder Film footage, just to determine whether or not his wife's titties were all of the internet.

U gotta feel bad for the bro. U marry this indie film goddess cuz u think she is 'clean', mainly because of the movie roles she stars in, but then u see these X RATED pix of her/some girl that looks like her. I'm sure u get 'kinda hornie/hard peened', but then u get possessive and u want to lock her away forever without an internet connection so she doesn't webcam with any1.

Anyways, this is shitty footage, but Ben Gibbard played an emo acoustic set (probs his new vibe in the post-sex pixx world), and he made his woman get on stage and duet with him. Even though it looks like a 'lovely collab', u gotta assume that this was some sort of 'power play' by him. Like "UR GONNA SHOW UR TITTIES ON THE INTERNET? NO UR NOT. U GET ON STAGE AND SING THAT LIL SONG WITH ME, WOMAN. ALSO, U NEED 2 MAKE ME A PANINI + DO THE DISHES.'

Feel kinda bad for Zooey.
Maybe she just wants to ride the slutwave, and shake her goodies, but Ben is cramping her style.
Did this duet 'kill it' or was it pointless/sad?
Who is the most talented member of their marriage?
Should Zooey date some1 more famous like Jake Chyllenhall to help her career?
Is Ben 'too possessive' now?
Do u think they have quality time together, or does Ben have the house set up like an mp3 slave shop, where she is forced to sing over his gentle chord strums?
Do u think Ben thinks the nude pix are her? Is he gonna force her to sext him on the road now?
R u a lamestreamer if u attend a solo Ben Gibbard acoustic set?