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Some 'effing hipster' robs a bank

Just read some 'press release' abt how some guy robbed a bank. Then there was some sort of 'security footage' of him, and he 'looked like an effing hipster' because he was wearing a messenger bag (to carry money), emo glasses (to evaluate his surroundings), and an 'ironic' cream colored sweater. His age range was 'effing twenty something.' He is also a 'very vegan' 150-170 lbs.

Really unsure as 2 whether or not this guy was a 'real hipster' or if he is just a mainstreamer pretending 2 be alt in order to 'throw off the cops' from finding him. Feel like every day tons of mainstreamers pretend 2 be alt for tons of miscellaneous reasons.

ASHEVILLE - Police were called at about 11:07 a.m. today regarding a bank robbery that occurred at 10 Woodfin St.

A white male with short brown hair who was wearing glasses came in and slid a note to a teller.

He did not display a weapon and did not speak. No one was injured.

The man was wearing jeans and a cream colored sweater and appeared to be 25-30 years old. He was described as being about 5'7", 150-170 lbs., and had stubble on his face. He was carrying a bag from Abercrombie & Fitch.

The suspect ran out of the building to the right, toward Woodfin Street.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at (828) 252-1110 or Crime Stoppers at 255-5050.

Kinda bummed 2 find out that his bag was 'Crombie.'

What do u think he used the money 2 buy?
'PBR'? 'Four Loko'?
'Did he ride off on a fixed gear bike?'
'Was he listening to Vampire Weekens, MANAGMANT, or PASHY PIT as he rode off on his vespa?'
'did he livestream the robbery to his twitter account?'
'do u think he wasted all of the money from his effing trustfund?'
'Did he use the money to start a Brooklyn based buzzband chillwave project?'
'do u think he was robbing from a bank that gave out buzz bucks?'
Have twenty-somethings 'hit rock bottom'?
Is this guy an 'effing hipster' or is this just 'worthless blog fodder'?

Did yall see this guy earlier today working at ur local Panera Bread?
do u h8 it when mainstreamers dress up as alts when they attend concerts/music festivals/the mall/the first day of school?