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Jonsi accidentally plays his live set in front of the Weezer logo

I'm Jonsi
The Icelandic frontman of the popular meaningful post-instrumental wave band
The Sigur Ros

Have u heard of us?
We Iceland's #2 export (behind Bjork)
Unfortunately we don't have much else to offer humanity (at least economically)
so our country is swirling down the shitter.

Anyways.... I'm here in American lands to play some music
gonna make some cash, bring it back to Iceland
invest in a 'School for the Performing Arts' as a strategy 2 save our country

WTF is that =w= symbol above the stage?
It must be some weird American logo
Maybe the name of this festival is "EQUALS DOUBLE-U EQUALS"
Just gonna play my show, crush it, not worry abt it

Who the eff is this Icelandic bro singing in meaningful yelps?
Don't get me wrong, I feel hella inspired right now
but at the same time, thought i was gonna get to vibe out to Weezer

Just trying to 'do me'
be Jonsi
Crush it with emotional, powerful vibes

Why do ppl keep asking me to play songs off "Pinkterton" , "The Blue Album" and "The Green Album"?
Why do ppl keep requesting the song "Island in the Sun"?
I am s00 confused.

I'm Jonsi
I'm from Iceland
I'm not the American band the Weezers
Stop making the 'Weezer Hand symbol' at me.

Leave me alone
Let me play my songs
from a distant land
that will inspire u to recycle and embrace positive bisexual waves
Transcend society, Iceland style
come run in a field with me and giggle and love life

Did yall <3 the Jonsi album?
Do u think Weezer should have had some respect, and hidden that shit behind a curtain or something?
Does the =w= sign 'kill it'?
Should all bands have a huge logo behind them when they play?
Was it 'disrespectful' to Jonsi's vibes to have the Weezer logo behind him?
Should they have waited til it was removed 2 play?
What_Would_Bjork_Do? [via Iceland]
What would u do to save the Icelandic economy? Maybe build a few casinos?



Weezer is some band of cool dads that still releases albums.

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