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Feist 'comes out of retirement', releases free-spirited music video

Yall might remember Feist as 'that broad from the iPod nano commercial' who 'crushed it' and 'went mainstream', basically sending her old band (Broken Social Scene)'s career into a tailspin while she got mad popular and made mad bank, and now every1 is all like "When is Feist coming back yall?" She got really successful because she is a female singer, but doesn't really sing about how 'Men Effing Suck yall!' in a really grating way, so every1 can kinda vibe out to her.

This is some new music video where she is playing guitar in some cave with some dude. Got bored and skimmed around the video, felt pretty 'whatever', but then started thinking abt 2k11 and if Feist is gonna ball over all (commercially + critically). Is Feist gonna 'bring it' in 2k11? Do u think she will release an album that caters to indie crowds, or will she try to go 'hella mainstream'?

Really wonder how critics are going to 'receive' her upcoming product. Worried they might resent her wave of success, or maybe they will 'overhype' if she is terrible.

Do u <3 Feist?
Did Feist deserve 2 go mainstream?
Is Feist 'innovative' or is she 'just another broad with a guitar singing emotional songs'?
What is next for the Feist brand?
Do u think Regina Spektor /
Should she ride the Sara Bairelles wave and sell 'mad albums' [via NOT GONNA WRITE U A LOVE SONG]

Can Feist write a song 'as good'/universally appealing as "Not Gonna Write u a love song"?

Can Feist become more than just an indie female?
Will she have a longer career than Lisa Loeb?
Can she compete in the mainstream pop world without being a slutwave artist?