Diplo and the guy from Pashy Pit try to get 'effed up' on baby formula | Hipster Runoff

Diplo and the guy from Pashy Pit try to get 'effed up' on baby formula

Apparently the dude from Passion Pit (Michael Angelakos) and Diplo 'wrote some mp3s' 2gether. Not sure if I really care because Passion Pit is too 'entry lev bleep bloop wave' 4 me, and I am not even sure how much I like Diplo's music. I guess he is just one of those DJs with a strong/chill DJ brand but then when u take a step back ur like 'I guess he wrote that Paper Planes song and that 1 Major Lazer song but whatever.'

Anyways, it seems like they 'tried to get effed up' by drinking Pedialyte together. I have never had a kid, so at first I thought Pedialyte was some sort of energy drink + malt liquor, similar to Sparks or Four Loko. Then maybe thought it was a 'niche mixed drink' using a trendy new vodka that is marketed towards alts. Found out it is baby formula / something u give 2 kids who lost a lot of fluids.

Not sure why they are drinking it. Maybe they think it effs them up?
Do u think Pedialyte is a [HIGHLY BLOGGABLE] drank? Are tweens gonna start trying to get effed up on Pedialyte?

Worried abt them. Hope they are okay.

Do yall like Pash Pits/Dipsy?
Do u think they will write a bloggable mp3, or does Duplo just 'collab with every1' even if it is forgettable?
Can Passion Pit's next album debut at #1?
Is Diplo 'a genius'?
Would yall rather drink Pedialyte or Four Loko?
Does Pedialyte 'eff u up' [via Purple Drank]?
Do u 'care' that they collab-ed, or are collabs 'rlly boring'/usually unfulfilling + forced 2 create memes?