Folkwave artist Sufjan Stevens comes out of retirement, releases new EP “4 free” | Hipster Runoff

Folkwave artist Sufjan Stevens comes out of retirement, releases new EP “4 free”

From what I understand, Sufjan Steves is a respected indie artist who merged the folkwave indie movement of the mid 2k0s with the meaningfulcore genre, writing the hit anthem "Going to Chicago, Chillin in a Yellow Van with Lil Miss Sunshine--It's gonna be a long trip, yall." Anyways, not even really sure if his music is 'good' or not, but he seems to have a new EP coming out, about to 'jump back into the blogosphere' after a hiatus/retirement.

Do u think his new song sounds 'relevant', or is it a 'flop'?
Seems like a 'modern thing' 4 him to 'stream that shit' instantly on bandcamp. Honestly have only seen 'shitty local bands' use band camp.


Tracklist: All Delighted People

  1. Enchanting Ghost
  2. Heirloom
  3. From the Mouth of Gabriel
  4. The Owl and the Tanager
  5. All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)
  6. Arnika
  7. Djohariah

Not sure how to feel about this EP. Feel like it might be a male version of a Joanna Newsom album. Just want him to 'stick with the formula' and write a bunch of pop folk songs instead of this meandering crap. Kinda let down.

Not really sure if I am vibing out 2 his album cover. Kinda reminds me of Panda Bear's PERSON PITCH, except the ppl + animals aren't chillin in a pool.

Do u like the new Sufjan Stevens song?
Is folkwave indie 'back'?
Will this EP 'save 2k10'?
Will Sufjan dethrone Panda Bear + Avey Tare?
R u let down by this EP?
Does Sufjan need to 'step it up'?
Do u h8 mainstreamers who <3 Sufjan Stevens?
Is "Sufjan" "back", or is this the beginning of the end of his career?
Should I be let down in Sufjan Stevens, kinda like similar vibes to MGMT's letdown?
Should I wait 5-10 days to 'evaluate it', or just go ahead and say 'this blows, yall'?
Did he miss a chance to go hella mainstream and write popular songs that sound like mainstream country rock?
do u feel disappointed that u weren't able to 'steal' this album, and just settled for a 'stream'?

Do yall think Sufjan Stevens is cute?
Feel like he should get into a celeb relaish to help his album 'crossover'
Should he start dating an indie/mainstream celebrity to raise his profile?