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Alt Froyo Chain Pinkberry adds catering service 2 their biz operations

Have yall ever had Pinkberry? It is apparently some sort of 'fresh, new take on ice cream.' Instead of icing cream, they ice yogurt, making it frozen. Not even sure how it works exactly, and if there are even any health benefits, but it is apparently 'the new craze' with women who want decadent smart snacks.

Anyways, the popular 'chain' Pinkberry added 'catering' services. Not sure how that's gonna work. Feel like catering usually requires 'hot plates', and people going thru a line to 'load up' on shitty foods.

Can u keep frozen yogurt on a hot plate/under a hot lamp?
Should I get Pinkberry 2 cater my wedding/graduation party?
Will my old grandparents / disconnected extended family not 'get' what Pinkberry is?

Consumers can order online, choosing from a variety of yogurt flavors and sizes and then create their own "topping bar" by selecting from more than 30 toppings. Pinkberrry will drop off the order at the desired time, set up a serving station and offer guests "the full Pinkberry experience," for the first time beyond its retail locations.

"We have found that people are overwhelmingly surprised that they can provide the Pinkberry experience to enhance their special event," says CEO Ron Graves. "We have catered everything from unique, high profile celebrations to casual dinner parties."

Saw these AZNs went ahead and said 'eff wedding cakes--let's eat some froyo, yall!'

Will all modern alternative weddings serve frozen yogurt instead of a 'lame ass, over-priced cakes'?
Are we entering an era where the NYTimes can write a 'cultural commentary piece' on how young hipsters are getting married, and choosing to customize their dessert options, breaking free from old society's expectation of 'mainstream cake'?
Should I get blazed and watch some show about people stressing out about making zany wedding cakes on Food
Do u feel sad for women who aren't married who watch reality TV shows based on 'brides selecting a dress' / making wedding cakes?

Is Pinkberry a 'shitty, over-branded product', or 'the best goddamn frozyog' on the planet?
Is it more 'alt' to call 'frozen yogurt' 'frogyog' instead of 'froyo'?
If I put my Dannon / Yoplait yogurt in2 a freezer, will it become 'frozen yogurt'?

Will Pinkberry catering 'do well' with ppl who have tons of money 2 waste?
Is Pinkberry 'overrated'?
Should they just make ice cream cakes [via baskin robbins]?
Do u have a Pinkberry in ur local area, or do u live in Middle America? Do u have to eat 'froyo' at Marble Slab / Coldstone Creamery /Baskin Robbins?
What is the best Frozen Yogurt Chain?

Pinkberry competes with numerous frozen yogurt chains, including Golden Spoon, Red Mango, TCBY, and Yogurtland.

Do u only support 'local' froyo joints that 'make their own flavors' and 'allow u to serve urself in a 2 gallon carton'?
Are chain frozen yogurt shoppes 'way better' than 'local/startup' frozen yogurt places that are just trying to mimic the over-branded froyo aesthetic? [via feeling like ur walking into a salon/space ship]