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MOVIE TRAILER: New Mockumentary About the Creation of Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg biopic

The Social Network is some new film that looks tells the 'epic story' about how Mark Zuckerberg created/stole Facebook. It seems like it 'cannot be serious', like some sort of modern dramatic mockumentary or something. Possibly was made for the Lifetime Movie Network. It seems like some 'huge joke', like something that is supposed to appeal to tween bros, and give them dreams of dropping out of college after creating 'the next big internet social tool.'

Do u think this movie trailer seems 'super deep and emotional'? Does the emo choir cover of Radiohead's "Creep" make it seem mad alt/indie?


Apparently it is directed by "David Fincher" who directed the alt films Fight Club and Se7en [via Brad Pitt]. Feel like maybe he shoulda had Brad Pitt play Zuckerberg in this movie so that more women would come see this shit. Maybe even put Angelina Jolie in there and write in a 'fuck scene.' Possibly even give their 3rd world adopted kids some 'facetime' too. But I guess tons of tweens are gonna go see this to 'feel deep', and feel like they 'really get' facebook every time they log in. It will be kinda like when a rich lady wears a blood diamond, and 'values it more' because she understands that human rights were violated just so she could have her jewelry.

Feel like it is always a bad sign for a movie when you put Justin Timberlake in it. Don't really care how 'talented' he is, or how sweet his songs are. Just seems like a way to make sure females accidentally see it, thinking he is gonna sing at some point during the movie

Feel like Zac Efron shoulda played Zuckbro, and maybe it could have been a 'musical.' Maybe get the Twilight Cast + the High School Musical cast + the Harry Potter cast, and let their brands sell the movie.

Have always thought Zuckbro was mad chill. Seems like they make him out to be an unchill bro in this movie who 'fucks his bros over.' Wish I knew the real story. Feel like any bro who is always down to 'hoard tons of data about consumers' and 'get mad hits' will always be chill in my book.

Wonder if M.I.A. shoulda married him since she only marries billionaires.

Here is another 'trying to be deep and edgy' trailer. Bet it looks mad sweet when on the big screen when ur about to watch Toy Story 3.

Do u think this film looks 'amazing', 'insightful' and 'deep'?
Do u want to see this movie?
Do u think u and ur bros are more likely to start a successful web tool or a buzzband?
Are yall more into Facebook, Myspace, ConnectU, twitter, or friendster?
Is this movie going to be 'smart and informative' or is it just a 'shock piece' that tries to make the normal trajectory of business success seem 'super tragic'?
Do people care about 'the story behind facebook' or do they just want to share their stupid lives' with their stupid friends looking at stupid pix of every1 doing stupid things all day?
Is facebook 'the new Bible'?

When will we see the story of TOM [via Myspace]?