The XX ‘liquidates’ their album, puts on sale for $2.99 | Hipster Runoff

The XX ‘liquidates’ their album, puts on sale for $2.99

Not sure what the popular 2k9 buzzband is 'trying 2 do.' They are selling their album for $2.99 when the popular price point is $9.99 for a digital album. I feel like the market rate for an actual CD is $17.99 [via Virgin Megastore/Blockbuster Music circa 1997]. Really unsure what I'm paying for when I purchase music--maybe it is just the jewel case, album art, and shipping costs. Making music seems really easy these days, so feel like it should be free.

I feel like I am on the 'frontline' of tastemaking, so I usually deserve a free copy of every album for 'evaluation purposes' [via rapidshare leak]. Really difficult for me to wrap my head around what is going down in the music industry in the digital age.

Does n e 1 know what the strategy is when these album prices drop? Do they sell more albums? Does the band get any of the proceeds of this sale? Who determines what the price is supposed to be? The band management, or the retailer?

Is amazon the only chill bro service that reduces album prices?
Can some1 explain the digital sales revenue model for me?
Can u 'liquidate' mp3 inventory, or is there an infinite amount of disc space in our modern world?
Should all indie buzzbands 'sell' their albums at a low price in the first week of their release to 'cheat' on the charts? Can we assign a name to this common practice, like 'Vampire Weekending' or something like that?
Who buys mp3s from amazon/itunes?
What is 'worth paying 4' in the music industry? Concerts? Festivals? Digital albums? Physical albums? Vinyl?
Does the XX make money off album sales, or are they 'stuck touring 4 the rest of their lives'?