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Popular indie MP3 blog Gorilla Vs Bear acquired by massive media company

Gorilla Vs Bear [link] is a popular indie mp3 blog which has garnered 'massive critical acclaim' for being an authentic incubator of indie mp3s. It seems like it has 'finally crossed over' since it was acquired by a 'massive media company' called BuzzMedia which gets millions of page view hits per day. We can only assume that this was a lucrative deal with millions of blog dollars, making the blogger of the site 'incredibly rich' off the page hits he or she generates every day.



Update: in the case of Gorilla vs. Bear, it concerns an acquisition in the form of an investment, with right to buy the remainder. All sites will retain editorial control, we were also told.

BuzzMedia has added today 6 major music blogs. PureVolume, PopMatters, Gorilla vs. Bear, The Hype Machine, Concrete Loop and RCRD LBL join Stereogum, Buzznet, Idolator and Absolute Punk in the web entertainment publisher's music portfolio.

Do u read any of those blogs or what?
Does n e 1 know how much money blogs make? Need 2 look into monetization.
How much money do u think blogs sell for? Like for the price of a used Volkswagen, or for the price of a private jet?
Do bloggers deserve 2 get paid more than school teachers?

Will Each Blog Retain An Independent Voice?

While details of Buzz's plans were not included in the official announcement, each of the current editors will stay at the helm of their respective blogs. But if their recent stewardship of Idolator is any indication, Buzz will not hesitate to make changes - at least with the blogs that it owns - if future traffic does not meet expectations.

Do u think Gorilla Vs Bear will ever be the same again?
Will their content stream 'stay authentic'?
Will they 'get corporate' and hire a staff of 20-40 writers to write 'controversial', meme generating content?
Is this good for Gorilla Vs Bear's brand?
Are a bunch of media companies going to start purchasing music blogs again?
Are mp3 blogs a 'great way 2 make money'?
Do blogs make more than bands?
R u gonna be jealous of the GVB blog whenever u read it because the blogger is probably 'laying in bed with a suitcase of money'?
What is the last 'independent news/meme/mp3 source' on the internet?

The Gorilla Vs Bear blogger could not be reached for comment.

Gorilla Vs. Bear


Gorilla Vs. Bear is an influential MP3 blog that blogs abt lofi, fuzzy buzzy, chillwave, and authentic African American music.

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