Levi’s Jeans pays Passion Pit ‘top dollar’ 2 cover Smashing Pumpkins “2nite, 2nite” | Hipster Runoff

Levi’s Jeans pays Passion Pit ‘top dollar’ 2 cover Smashing Pumpkins “2nite, 2nite”

Apparently, Levi's is doing the whole 'record label' thing where they generate blog buzz by hiring indie/bloggie artists to 'create new mp3s' that can be co-branded with their products. Sorta wonder how much this type of stuff pays. If I had to guess, somewhere between $2,000- $1,000,000 has to be given to these buzzbands.

Anyways, Passion Pit decided to 'lend' their whimsical indie bleepy bloop falsetto aesthetic to the Smashing Pumpkins hit song "Tonight, Tonight."

Passion Pit’s re-crafting of the song strips away some of the ambitious bombast, losing the strings but none of the business. Angelakos’ high voice fits comfortably with Corgan’s lyrics, but instead of a piece of grandiose rock, he’s instead created a synthy underwater symphony.

Wonder if Billy Corgan is 'spinning in his grave' after hearing his timeless song get 'butchered' by some fleeting indie buzzband. One of the most definitive 'low key chill bro' songs of the alt rock era 'down the shitter' just to sell some blue jeans.

Do u think Billy Corgan got paid 'mad licensing fees'?

Is Billy Corgan more talented than any artist in the indiesphere?
Is this cover 'awesome'?
Do yall support branded mp3 'record labels?
Will u buy more Levi's jeans because of this cover?
Do u wish Smashing Pumpkins didn't exist so they wouldn't have inspired Passion Pit?
Do u hope they do a 'magical' cover of this live so it will help to 'lube up' the entry level alt teen that you brought to her first indie rock concert?


The band quickly developed its sonic identity: Angelakos’ high, high voice singing big pop hooks in an electronic world of bleeps, blips and whirrs.

Passion Pit

Passion Pit is a bleepy bloop indie pop band that tons of entry-level alts <3.

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