Pitchfork writes article about the brilliance/shittiness of HIPSTER RUNOFF | Hipster Runoff

Pitchfork writes article about the brilliance/shittiness of HIPSTER RUNOFF

Pitchfork Media is a popular music website which as evolved into the most influential music media outlet in the modern world. The site is famous for reviewing albums. Recently, it wrote some article about Irony and the State of the Music Scene. The article kinda mentioned stuff about LCD Soundsystem and James Murphy, and talked about some other stuff, probably dropping metaphors, similies, and other journalistic tools.

Eventually, the article 'got to the good stuff' and started talking about HIPSTER RUNOFF, a popular weblog:

This idea of knowingness, though-- our relationship with it can get complicated. Right now, one of the internet's most successful bastions of knowingness is a blog called Hipster Runoff, a performance that's almost nothing but knowing: It shrugs, it takes an arch, pseudo-scientific tone, it puts every other word in scare quotes. Here you go, it seems to say: Here is your weird market of hipness and cool. The end. You can take it as withering satire, if you want to, because its skewers are dead on target. Of course, if its pseudonymous author really thought the market of cool were that pointless and vacuous, why spend so much time thinking about it-- why know it well enough to be savvy? It's not so much a satire as a whole performance of knowingness. And even if I don't often have the stomach for it, I can't pretend the performance isn't an immaculate one: it's knowingness raised to the level of poetry, free of the burden of "intent" or sincerity or any point beyond what the reader reflects out of it. It goes beyond "the author is dead" and turns the author into some kind of zombie.

Not even sure what the message of the article is about, just feeling 'incredibly culturally relevant' after reading the HRO blog name in Pitchfork. Feel like a bro in the 1970s who got blurbed about in Rolling Stone Magazine. So many buzzbands try their best to be analyzed / reviewed / blurbed / memed by Pitchfork, but I am just a blog, dropping memes, and I 'made it.'

Can n e 1 read this article and tell me what it is abt? Got super confused, like it might be too 'high level' for me, like writing that belongs in a book or magazine--not on the internet.

The article continues, then mentions HRO again in a closing paragraph:

Hipster Runoff uses the internet to make the old knowingness into performance art.

Kept scanning the page everywhere searching 4 a 'rating.' From what I understand, Pitchfork is famous for giving ratings, so feeling disappointed that I didn't get a 10.0. Not even a 1.0.

Do u know what this article is about? Something about irony and knowingness?
Is 'knowingness' a real word? Spell checker kinda freaking out on it, saying it doesn't exist.

Is HIPSTER RUNOFF 'performance art'?
Is HIPSTER RUNOFF 'an mp3 blog'?
Is HIPSTER RUNOFF 'another blog that is a slave to indie artists / the blogosphere'?
Do u 'get' HRO?
Has HRO 'gone down the shitter' recently?
Is HRO 'better than ever?
Is the Alt Report better than HIPSTER RUNOFF?
Is the Alt Report Robot better / more influential than Carles?
Is HRO 'in bed' with Pitchfork Media?
Is Pitchfork/HRO 'killing' the music blogosphere?
What is the best music/mp3 blog on the internet right now?
What is the worst music/mp3 blog on the internet right now?