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Miracle Whip overhauls brand identity, designs new alt logo

Miracle Whip has been trying for the past several years to 'rebrand' itself as a cool condiment that alternative people can use on their foods. Not sure if they are 'trying to replace ketchup/salsa' or something like that. It seems like they made a 'new logo' that breaks free from the limitations of font-based typography. Instead, they used an emotion-evoking scribble of mayo, similar to the way you zig zag a condiment on ur bread when you make a sandwich. It seems like this 'raw' branding decision is trying to appeal to the natural, animalistic human spirit, sorta like how humans used to have to communicate by 'cave drawing.'

I remember the days when I used to vibe out hard to this commercial, thinking about sweet rooftop parties where me and my bros would eat tons of mayo, and use it as a mixer in our 'vodka + mayo' drinks.

I wonder if Miracle Whip is 'the new Volkswagen.' Maybe they can make a series of 'hipster bashing' commercials that get blog coverage.

It feels as if this happened yesterday, but almost a year ago, we reported on the redesign of the mayo-alternative, Miracle Whip, and its repositioning as the coolest spread in town. That deliciously retro design is now gone, in the blink of an eye, and in return we get a more gooey rendition of the name and something that resembles more what they had before the change last year. Despite the quick switcharoo, it's nice to see that they still aimed for a certain simplicity and the new packaging is as minimal as you will find on the shelves; it's actually quite striking with that big MW.

Do u think this new logo will help Miracle Whip to become as popular as Coca Cola?
Do u use Miracle Whip?
What is the most alt/authentic condiment?
Is 'ranch' for white people?