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Walmart now selling fixed gear bikes

Fixed gear bikes are often associated with hipster / alt subculture. I think this is because they are mildly unfunctional or maybe even hyperfunctional or something. Apparently Wal Mart is now selling fixed gear bikes. Wal Mart is known as the master of moving low cost goods at low prices, so it makes sense that they would opt to carry a single gear bike instead of a multi-gear off roading bike. Poor people and minorities simply don't have the budget or the rugged terrain that requires multiple gears + sick shock protection.

Wal Mart seems like it is really morphing into a 'green company' that really helps the environment by selling organic products + non-fossil-fuel-emitting vehicles. Wonder why there is such a backlash against Wal Mart. Feel like people who are capable of 'backlashing' are rich and white, so they are probably just taking out their hatred on poors and minorities when they rally against Wal Mart. Just wish Wal Mart and Whole Foods and an Outdoor Store would be purchased by the government and we could get everything we need for free.

Will WalMart start to carry Am Appy after having to 'bail them out' in 2k15, or will they stick with 'the cheap shit' from Asia?
Are fixed gear bikes good for the environment?
Is WalMart a chil place 2 shop?
Should I write an article about 'hipsters are everywhere' or 'hipsters are dead' based on this hipster meme?
Is Walmart the future of America?