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Some blogger does ‘statistical analysis’ of Pitchfork ratings

Many music fans consider ratings by the Pitchfork Magazine to be 'the Bible of Indie Music.' Recently, a blogger did an 'in depth' analysis of 'what these ratings really mean.' Many insiders have suspected that these numbers 'don't really mean anything', and ratings are the ultimate advertorials meant 2 help bands move units.

It seems like the goal of the post to find out what was 'average' according to the Pitchfork robot. The score 7.0 seems to be 'average.'

The bulk of the histogram centers around the 6.5-8.5 range with a score of 7.0 being the most common rating (51 times). Also, because pitchfork tends to not publish reviews on horrendously bad albums, it’s a no brainer to see the plot negatively skewed significantly. Similarly, exceptionally performing albums (i.e. 8.7 and above) are also relatively rare events.

I have never taken a 'statistics' class, so I cannot confirm that this statistical analysis is 'legit' or if it is just an entry level analysis.

Confirming our natural inclination that a majority of albums are rated around the “7″ mark, the box of the boxplot, representing the middle 50% of scores, occurs from 6.1 – 7.6. The final interesting part is that if an album scores below 3.9, it’s considered a statistical outlier

Not sure if this was an 'innovative study' or something obvious/something no1 should care about. It also goes into the concept of 'Best New Music', and how statistics prove that there is 'favoritism' when it comes to assigning the label to legacy artists:

If you are a hyped record or are an established act, you have a better shot of getting a Best New Music when you are on the cusp. Now this seems kind of obvious, but there were some egregious instances where this occurred. Of the 41 albums that scored an 8.1 and 8.2, five were chosen as BNM: Surfer Blood’s Astro Coast, Atlas Sound’s Logos Cass McCombs’s Catacombs, Bill Callahan’s Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle, and Wavves’s S/T

Is this a 'conspiracy'?

Do yall like investigative blog journalism?
Are there only lies, damn lies, and statistics?
Can some1 create an alternative fantasy league?
Will MGMT get the highest Pitchfork Rating of all time?
Did yall take algebra, statistics, calculus, or a remedial math class in High School?