Lead Singer of Flaming Lips lives in over-designed sex den | Hipster Runoff

Lead Singer of Flaming Lips lives in over-designed sex den

This is a photograph of the lead singer of the Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne's, home. As you can tell, he wants to live in a conceptual & meaningful space that can help him to ponder existential topics. This positive space will enable him to make more meaningful albums.  It seems like this house might be some sort of 'conceptual sex den', since it doesn't seem like a place where you would want to live, but maybe a place where you could shoot low budget pornography and snuff films.

While this house/space is supposed to be 'alt' and totally different, you can see that the Coyne family installed 2 sinks in the master bathroom. This is probably because they subscribe to the mainstream idea that husband and wife 'don't get angry at one another' when they are getting ready for work in the morning if there are 2 wash stations available.

This seems to be some sort of group shower where we can only assume conceptual orgies happen.

Feel like he really 'pussed out' by having flat screen HDTVs in his conceptual living room.  Many architectural experts say that having a TV in a room makes all other furnishings + design decisions irrelevant.

Wayne Coyne resides in Oklahoma, where real estate is probably mad cheap. It seems like this architecture probably would have been more stunning if it had been implemented in a major metropolitan area where real estate was 500% more valuable .

Did the Flaming Lips 'peak' with "Do U Realize...?"?
Do yall find this house to be 'architecturally stunning'?
Do u think any of the elements of his house violate neighborhood zoning laws?
Is Oklahoma an authentic breeding ground for indie bands?
Do u hope that 1 day u can make mad bank from selling ur band's mp3s and build ur dream home?