Was M.I.A.'s Super Bowl flip off the first shameless slutwave marketing act in the post-LDR era? | Hipster Runoff

Was M.I.A.'s Super Bowl flip off the first shameless slutwave marketing act in the post-LDR era?

Lana Del Rey's meme buzz album cycle
was an important GAME CHANGING business case in the music industry
that we are only now starting to see the lasting effects of.
She changed every thing

Del Rey proved that no one really cares how the music sounds.
Instead, people love prettiness, controversy, and the construction of the idea of 'fame.'
By 'tanking' on SNL, she became a household name.
It was worth it
2 achieve 'mad album sales'
and propel herself into the lenses of paparazzi cameras everywhere

The LDR 'buzzslut' strategy will be copied by many females
eager 2 get in headlines with lewd acts and controversial moments
where u can argue that 'the world is cyberbullying her'
because no1 ever wants to hold a woman accountable for her actions
'even when she is asking for it'
Women and soft-voiced cultural commentators will rush to 'protect' a woman
As long as she produces controversial content and is 'mad hot'
[via riding Lindsay Lohan waves]
protecting the eternal stream of her content

M.I.A. deployed a similar 'LOOK AT ME, YALL' strategy
But I'm not sure if any1 even noticed
because her finger was lost in the background of her sillie outfit
And no1 even understands her when she raps

It is a dark time for women in the music industry
Lana ensured that they must 'pull stunts' to get attention
To 'get people talking'
As a feminist would say, 'all female press is good female press'

So I maybe M.I.A.s act of social terrorism
was good 4 female artists
doing big thangs
big thangs be poppin in 2k11

Who knows if it will help her sell albums
become a true house hold name
or if her time is 'effing up'
because every1 is 'tired of her bullshit'

She probably needs to get brand management consulting
from Zooey Deschanel and Tavi
to learn what makes other women pretend to respect independent females
instead of groaning bc she is obvi trying SO hard...

This is a brand new era of 'slutwave'
It is not about showing off ur body
implying that you are a 'slut' with ur costume

But instead, being willing 2 'sell urself' at all costs
Humiliate urself... slutshame urself...
Give up ur dignity
Just to be 'burned at the stake'
[via becoming a social media pariah]

So many talking heads
talking blogs
harvesting content farms
Can n e 1 even deliver a seminal cultural moment n e more?

After LDR =
Welcome 2 the Slutwave 2.0
How far will u go
2 inject urself in2 'the conversation'?

We Are All Made Of #Hashtags

Does this have 'nothing 2 do with female artists' and everything 2 do with M.I.A. being 'an effing dumb ass diva'?
Did MIA just get caught up in the moment?
Was this the easiest prediction ever? [via Carlestradamus 'calling it'] [link]
Has Lana Del Rey been a breakthru for female artists who want 2 get into the spotlight, or has she made it more difficult than ever for female artists to get attention for 'the right reasons'?
Did M.I.A. 'ruin the Super Bowl'?
Should we all just eat Doritos and watch football 4evr?


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