So this is the new blog year... and I don't feel any diff... :-(

These are the most popular post of 2k11 based on internet traffic.

1) LANA DEL REY: EXPOSED. B4 she was alt, she was a failed mnstrm artist without fake lips

Ur s000 g00d 4 hits, bb! I couldn't stop blggng abt u if I wanted 2!

2) Zooey Deschanel goes 2 an Oscar party wearing see-thru dress, potentially nips out

Still trying 2 figure out if she actually was nipping out...

3) Zooey Deschanel and Natalie Portman show off their titties in a new indie movie 2gthr

Did any1 see this crappy movie? Remember when James Franco's stock was all high, but then Ryan Gosling stole his internet hunk buzz? Remember when Natalie Portman made a ton of crappy movies so she could get preggers?

4. Does the new Skrillex music video prove he is the Prince of Dubstep?

Skrillex is 2k11's #1 bro. Thank u 4 inventing dubstep, or at least the kind that mass markets actually care abt.

5. James Blake is a Dubstep Classist: The Problems with Modern Indiecentrism

It seems like James Blake's brand 'totally went down the shitter' in 2k11.

6. RAVE OR DIE 4EVR & EVR: The Middle American Commercialization of Rave

We never get tired of looking at these effing ravers and/or dubstreamers.

7. The End / Goodnight, bb.

Remember when Carles retired?

8. Some Alt Porn Stars go 2 music festival, show off their perfect alt breasts

VA VA VA VOOM. April O'Neil and Andy San Dimas are s00 h00tt

9. Zooey Deschanel strips nude in the trailer for her new FOX sitcom

N33d M0re N00d Z00ey headlines

10. VIVIAN GIRLS GONE WILD: More sexi photos of Kickball Katy's wild Booze Cruise antics emerge


More Sexi Photos of Kickball Katy pouring champagne on her breasts emerge

Kickball Katy will have a HUGE 2k11


The Next Generation of Middle American Alt

12. Alice Glass shows off her bangin bikini bod in a VIP hot tub

S0 Jeal of that lil bear...

13. Porn star April O'Neil flashes her breasts at HARDFEST

Do u beat off 2 April O'Neil?

14. Is Lana Del Rey the next overrated, marginally talented but TOTALLY HOT female in indie?

Remember when she was just a blog infant, simply requesting that we G0000 PLLLAYYYY YOOO VEEEHDDEEEOHHHOOO GAAHHYYYMEEESAAAH?

15. Are Crusties the Most Authentic Alts in the World?

The Crusties got mad abt this 1...

16. Michael Cera gets a neck tattoo, rebrands as a hardcore bro

Remember Mikey Cera?

17. Lana Del Rey shows off her tight lil ass on French TV, isn't wearing any panties

Lana Del Rey accepts her role as indie's #1 sex maven.

18. Have We Reached the Era of the Post-Ironic Riot?

Remember when that Canadian hockey team lost, then their city went post-ironically 'ape shit' just cuz it would be funnie and make a lot of internet memes?

19. NSFW: Unknown Slutwave Lolita re-emerges, does sexy nip slipping photo shoot

I wonder why this broad stopped getting naked on the internet. Seems like people clicked on her

20. The 2011 MTV VMAs: tons of human memes trying 2 produce memes

Remember Jo Calderone?


Is HIPSTER RUNOFF just some sort of soft alt porn link baiting website?
Do u miss 2k11?
Who was more important for 2k11: Skrillex or Lana Del Rey?
Is 'indie' effing dead?
Does n e 1 even care abt 'music criticism' any more?
Was this a 'down year' 4 Carles?
Has Carles 'gone down the shitter'?
Do u blame the buzz drought?
Will we emerge from the buzz drought in 2k12?
What will save us?
What was ur fave HIPSTER RUNOFF post of 2k11?


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