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A 'Complete Guide' to Indie, Mindie, Dubstep, Electro & Alt Buzzband Grammy Nominations

During the infancy of 'indie', back when it was something that individual fans felt that they could 'be proud of', a Grammy nomination was met with astonishment and validation. However, in the post-Arcade-Fire-wins-the-night-and-validates-indie era, it seems like random ass indie bands will get nominated every year, and no1 really cares, and we all already know that 'indie went mainstream'. Gonna be a weird era, but we will still see the same tweets/half-assed 'thought pieces' about 'what indie means' & other gimmicky over-analysis of 'the most coveted prize in American music.'

The most stunning development of the night is Skrillex's five nominations. He is just behind Kanye West and Adele who each have six noms. Skrillex is the first electronic artist put into the Best New Artist category, so he is basically a 'legitimate trailblazer' even if James Blake tries to discredit him because his brand of dubstep is too aggressive. Bon Iver also got some Sympathy Noms, and Foster the Ppl are riding their Pumped Up Kickswaves to another awards show, then we get to see if they 'last' or 'fade away' as one of the 2010s best one-hit-wonders.

Here is a breakdown of indie, electro, mindie, bubble gum indie, cool dad, dubstep, dance_house, chillwave, and other relevant alt genres/humans who were nominated 4 Grammys. (View a complete list of every nomination here.)

The 'Biggest' News

Best New Artist

  • The Band Perry
  • Bon Iver
  • J. Cole
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Skrillex

OMG Skrilly and Bon Iver in the same category?
But isn't Bon Iver a middle aged man from the Midwest? Isn't he an old ass artist who has been around 4 a while? Guess it doesn't matter. Bon Iver was also nominated for 'Record of the Year' and 'Song of the Year', but just because he is a cool dad indie band like the Arcade Fire, don't expect that b0ring a$$ album to 'actually win.' I think this is the beginning of a default 'mainstream indie band' nomination for most of the big awards. It is symbolic/sympathetic.

It seems like the surprise Arcade Fire moment of the show would be Skrillex winning. There is always a bad feeling that Nicki Minaj's big ass will waddle up to accept the award, but as long as she is slippin us some nip, we'll be alright.

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Best Alternative Music Album

  • Bon Iver - Bon Iver
  • Codes And Keys - Death Cab For Cutie
  • Torches - Foster The People
  • Circuital - My Morning Jacket
  • The King Of Limbs - Radiohead

It seems funny/symbolic/metaphorical that Death Cab and Radiohead are nominated for a Grammy for what are widely accepted as their worst albums. This is basically the 'cool dad' versus the 'cool tween' [via Foster the People] category. This makes me miss the days when bands like MyChemRommy and Sum41 were considered 'alt music' and 'indie' was underrepresented.

U gotta be rooting 4 Ben Gibbard 2 win a Grammy due to his recent heartbreak [link].

Best Folk Album

  • Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes

I wonder if the Fleet Foxes are 'happy' to be in the folk category instead of in the 'shitty indie band' categories. Does this mean that they are making 'authentic music' or have they just 'failed at branding'/making a mainstream product.

I hope Bobby Pecknold shaves 4 his big mnstrm night...

Best Rock Performance

  • Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - Coldplay
  • Down By The Water - The Decemberists
  • Walk - Foo Fighters
  • The Cave - Mumford & Sons
  • Lotus Flower - Radiohead

It is good to see that indie legends The Decemberists and The Radioheads can finally be considered as mainstream rock as Coldplay. They've made it. This is what we've always wanted. Hopefully Thom can give an awards speech.

Best Rock Album

  • Rock 'N' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul - Jeff Beck
  • Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
  • Come Around Sundown - Kings Of Leon
  • I'm With You - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • The Whole Love - Wilco

Congrats to Wilco. I've never listened to them, but I heard they are great songwriters. They got a 10.0 once, but that was before I was a Pitchfork expert. I guess a 10.0 does pay off.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

  • Body And Soul - Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse
  • Dearest - The Black Keys
  • Paradise - Coldplay
  • Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
  • Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera

OMG. Foster the PPL competing against a dead woman, the Coldplays and Adam 'the hardest twink in the game' Levine? I wonder if manufactured indie music will finally 'arrive' if Foster the People is validated with a Grammy.

Do u think Foster the Ppl will be the next Coldplay, KoL, DeathCab, or _____?


Best Dance Recording

  • Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5 & Greta Svabo Bech
  • Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce
  • Sunshine - David Guetta & Avicii
  • Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn
  • Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Skrillex (Skrillex, producer; Skrillex, mixer)
  • Save The World - Swedish House Mafia

It seems like this 'dance category' is more relevant than ever. Probably will start getting 'TV time' if it hasn't already since DJs and producers are becoming recognizable rock stars. If Skrillex doesn't win the Best New Artist award, they will probably give this 2 him.

Also a great career move by A-TRAK to launch Duck Sauce and pick up a Grammy nom. Do u think more ppl know who A-TRAK is, or more ppl know 'what Duck Sauce sounds like' [via Barbie Streisy].

This video has ~64 million views on Youtube.

Best Dance/Electronica Album

  • Zonoscope - Cut/Copy
  • 4x4=12 - Deadmau5
  • Nothing But The Beat - David Guetta
  • Body Talk, Pt. 3 - Robyn
  • Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Skrillex

Ur telling me that Cut Copy gets a Grammy nom for this album, which is widely accepted as their least likable album? They are from Australia, so I'm sure they have millions of the Australian equivalent of Grammys. It seems like a mainstreamer like David Guetta will win this, or it could be a chill Grammy for Skrillex to win if the night turns into 'Skrillex-mania'.

Speaking of which, does any 1 know who is more famous: David Guetta or Skrillex?

Is David Guetta just more mainstream and 'Euro-ghey-housey'? Still trying to figure that bro out. I heard he produced 'I Gotta Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas.

Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media

  • Black Swan - Clint Mansell, composer
  • Tron Legacy - Daft Punk, composers

Daft Punk might win a Grammy 4 what is arguably the biggest poopoo platter they have ever served.

Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical

  • Cinema (Skrillex Remix) - Sonny Moore, remixer (Benny Benassi)
  • Collide (Afrojack Remix) - Afrojack, remixer (Leona Lewis)
  • End Of Line (Photek Remix) - Photek, remixer (Daft Punk) - Track from: Tron: Legacy Reconfigured
  • Only Girl (In The World) (Rosabel Club Mix) - Abel Aguilera & Ralphi Rosario, remixers (Rihanna)
  • Rope (Deadmau5 Mix) - Deadmau5, remixer (Foo Fighters)

I guess this is another 'default' electro/dance category. Skrillex is a 'lock' 2 win this one if he got nommed 4 Best New Artist. Maybe I should become a DJ and start remixing so that 1 day I can win a Grammy.

Random ass alt noms

Best Song Written For Visual Media

  • So Long (From Winnie The Pooh) - Zooey Deschanel, songwriter (Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward)

Zooey Deschanel might win a Grammy? I am not sure if she is 'legitimately successful' or just that person with 'a bunch of cool sounding stuff on their resume' that makes you wonder if there is such thing as fame, and accomplishment.

Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package

  • The King Of Limbs - Donald Twain & Zachariah Wildwood, art directors (Radiohead)

U can get a Grammy for 'packaging' something 'all kewl-like.' I wonder if Steve Jobs should get a retroactive Grammy for Apple product packaging.

Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical
Paul Epworth

  • Call It What You Want (Foster The People) (T)
  • I Would Do Anything For You (Foster The People) (T)
  • I'll Be Waiting (Adele) (T)
  • Life On The Nickel (Foster The People) (T)
  • No One's Gonna Love You (Cee-Lo Green) (S)
  • Rolling In The Deep (Adele) (T)

Paul Epworth is a relevant alt producer who has basically 'made' the careers of a few solid indie bands, but recently has 'crossed over' to the mainstream, as u can tell by the credits he has this year. He could also be called 'one of the forces responsible for Foster the People'. His Wikipedia is worth a read.

I've always appreciated his 'mix' of Friendly Fires' "Skeleton Boy."

Best Reggae Album

  • Summer in Kingston - Shaggy

I wonder if Shaggy is pissed that he is no longer a relevant mainstream artist. [ via IT WUZN'T ME]

Best Short Form Music Video

  • Rolling In The Deep - Adele
  • Yes I Know - Memory Tapes
  • All Is Not Lost - OK Go
  • Lotus Flower - Radiohead
  • First Of The Year (Equinox) - Skrillex
  • Perform This Way - "Weird Al" Yankovic

We will never know how the failed chillwave buzzband Memory Tapes got a Grammy nomination for anything. Here is the video that was nominated.

It seems like just about any other 'cool looking made-after-the-1990s alt artsy video.' Wonder who will win this 1. Actually, that was just a 'passing thought' and I will forget this category ever existed.

Will this be the year of the Skrillex?
Can Skrillex take dubstep 2 the mainstream?
Which shitty cool dad band will win a Grammy?
Do 'indie fans' even care abt Grammys now?
Was the Bon Iver nom just a 'sympathy' nomination?
Who actually has a chance to win?
Will Foster the Ppl become Grammy winners?
Is Mark Foster the next Chris Martin?
Who 'deserved a Grammy'? Who was 'snubbed'?
Did any mainstream indie bands miss out on a weak 2k11 to get nominated for a Grammy?
R u 'pissed' abt the Grammys 'forgetting abt some1' or have u accepted that the Grammys are just as important as an MTV Award?
Will Skrillex become the King of Dubstep if he wins Best New Artist?
Did James Blake throw his laptop against the wall when he heard that Skrillex was nominated for a Grammy?
If u were a buzzband, would u rather win a Grammy, a 10.0, a VMA, or a ______?


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Bon Iver

Alternative Celebrity

Bon Iver is a bearded man from a Midwestern forest who sounds like Bruce Hornsby and once collab-ed with Kanye West.

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