Every morning, I start my day with a bowl of dubstep cereal. | Hipster Runoff

Every morning, I start my day with a bowl of dubstep cereal.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day
It is also an important buzz meal
fueling your body
for you daily quest 4 eternal relevance

Recently, I started eating a very dubsteppy cereal
The vibe is authentic, American, British, underground, ravewave
It's so good that both James Blake AND Skrillex could enjoy it
without arguing abt what makes 'authentic dubstep'

They say whenever ur cranky
ur really just hungry
and u really just want to vibe out
with some dancing bears.

Start ur day off right
with a bowl of DubCereal
Frosted MiniDubs
Rice Krispdubs
Cocoa Dubbles
Lucky Dubsteppies
Honey Bunches of Dubs
Special Dub
Captain Dubcrunch
Cinnamon Toast Womp
Kashi Go Lean Dub
Raisin Bran Dub
Fruity DubLoops
Kellogg's Smart Dub

What kind of dub cereal will u start ur day with?

Listen to the Snap, the crackle, the pop, the drop, the womp
the bass
Take some E
vibe on some molly
enjoy ur cereal

This is a brand new day
Don't skip the dubbiest meal of the day.

What kind of cereal do u eat in the morning?
Is 'cereal' for poor, unhealthy Middle Americans?
Is dubstep a relevant branded aesthetic for emerging Gen Z markets?
Has dubstep gone 'mainstream' [via tween marketing campaigns]?
Have u ever had this cereal?