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Do Owls have the legal right to sue Bon Iver and James Blake for using their 'hoots' in their horrible song?

Owls seem like a pretty chill animal. They stay up late at night [via insomnia], get some munchies, have KILLER post-lasik eye surgery-wave eyes, and just chow down on small mammals that they totally crush within their talons. As you know, owls generally make a distinguishable noise: "Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!"

Unfortunately, their traditional noise was used in the TERRIBLE song by James Blake and Bon Iver, which is widely considered the worst song of 2k11...

It seems unfair to owls to be utilized by Jimmy Blake and Bob Iver in this unfair manner. Owls hoot for various reasons. "Owls call for the same reason as any other critter makes noises - to communicate. A call may be territorial - warning others to stay away, or it can be to contact a mate or young, or advertise availability for breeding..." Owls DO NOT hoot just so they can be utilized unfairly in buzz songs without receiving appropriate compensation.

This chill owl bro is just vibing in the forest, looking to mark his territory, looking to meet other owls, connect with them, socially network with them, throw down chill sessions with them, maybe buy wristbands to go to regional owl-based music festivals with them. Owls want no part in a new buzz song. Owls just want to be owls.

The new song by James Vernon Justin Blake was a massive disaster, and there are so many stories from many faceless victims whose vibes were totally harshed and abused by their song. Until James and Justy make a public apology abt what they have done, it seems like we cannot move on as an indie society, picking up the pieces 2 rebuild our fallen community.

This wasn't just a terrible song...
This is a terrible moment 4 indie
A terrible moment 4 owls...

The truth is, I might never hear an owl again without thinking of this horrible buzz song.. and that's not fair 2 owls.

This owl family might never recover from the Blake-Iver Disaster. The owl cubs will be lucky 2 get in2 community college.

Do u think this owl rlly wants 2 be seen in public after his likeness was ABUSED in a terrible buzz song? I feel really bad 4 him.

Similar to when Chinese families have daughters, many owls are being thrown off cliffs by their owners. Fortunately for owls, they can fly away...

Any chilly vibes that owls enjoy are certain 2 thaw now, bringing upon the harshest era of owl vibes evr.

Do u feel bad 4 the owls?
Are owls the new official 'alt animal'?
Should owls file a class action lawsuit against Blake and Iver?
Do u think the owl noises are the best or worst part of their song?
What legal rights do owls have?
Is animal sampling going to be the 'next big indie meme'?
Is 'Fall Creek Boys Choir' the worst song of 2k11?
Will we evr be able 2 forgive James Blake and Bon Iver 4 what they did to our endangered owl population?
R u on #TeamOwl or #TeamAsshole?

Bon Iver

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Bon Iver is a bearded man from a Midwestern forest who sounds like Bruce Hornsby and once collab-ed with Kanye West.

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James Blake

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James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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