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Has slutwave gone 'too far'?

I remember when it was kinda funnie 2 joke abt all of the female singers who engaged in an armsrace in order to get the attention of the pop-osphere and win over Mainstream America by shedding their clothes, hump dancing, and singing abt having hot sex with men and women. "Slutwave" became the best way 2 describe the sexi contest and was even named genre of the Year by Rolling Stone Magazine [link]. Now we're used 2 seeing Lady Gaga's nipples on-the-reg and Rihanna 'going 4 it' in her latest music video. I know every generation is prob 'sluttier' and/or 'more desensitized' than its preceding generation, but I kinda wonder if modern slutwave has 'gone 2 far'/if we will ever just vibe out to conservativey women who empower us without getting naked and showing off their cha-chas.

Just watched this handicap girl 'go viral' 4 her hit rendition of the original song "My Vagina Ain't Handicap", in which she reminds males out there that even though she is disabled, she deserves 2 be lusted over like a piece of meat. Really feel uncomfortable. Not sharing this bc I think it is funny to watch a person with special needs beg for sex. Sorta just feeling 'dark', like this girl didn't really need to ride slutwaves in order 2 feel compelled 2 make this video/have a strong subconscious desire for dehumanizing sex.

Sorta feel like maybe it is time 2 move beyond themes of 'real life empowerment' via sexual empowerment 4 women.

If u had a daughter, would u let her listen 2 slutwave?
Who will be the next generation of female role models in music?
Do all females in music eventually have 2 go thru a 'sexual identity/liberation' phase?
Does slutwave 'keep going' bc blogs rely on photogallery hits from women with bangin bods?
Has 'slutwave' gone 2 far?
What is ur reaction 2 this girl's vagina not being handicap?